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Blogger Program

Products Sample Requirement
Your Site Requirements: monthly unique visits 3,000 + or
US Traffic Rank < 300K (
Receive a product for review (depend on product availability)

Beyond Junior Y Chair

Your Site Requirements: monthly unique visits 5,001 + or
US Traffic Rank < 200K (
Receive a product for review (depend on product availability)
Affiliate Program
Enrollment in the Program
To begin the enrollment process, you will submit a complete Affiliate application via our site.We reserve the right to reject your application or terminate this agreement any time upon written notification to you.
As an affiliate, you earn revenue by generating sales of our products. You generate these sales by encouraging web users to visit our sites. You may advertise products via:
– Text Links or endorsements on your site(s);
– Graphical Banners and Buttons on your site(s);
– Text Links or endorsements in solicited emails;
For a Product sale to be eligible to earn a referral fee, the customer must either click-through an Affiliate link to our site, and purchase our product within 60 days of first click-through; or enter your affiliate ID during placing order with us. We track referrals from your site, and ensure that you get paid the referral fees due to you.
Product/Service Referral commission (Referral Fee Schedule)
Beyond Junior Y Chair 18%
Non-Qualified Orders.
Orders refunded at the request of the purchaser, or orders charged-back due to credit card fraud do not qualify for commission.
Affiliates are paid a commission, based on values set in Referral Fee Schedule. Commissions for qualified orders will be paid within 30 days after your request if the sum of commissions for qualified orders exceeds the minimum transfer amount of USD 600. Orders that occurred during a calendar month are qualified (cleared) for payment after 25-th day of the next month. Payments can be done either via wire transfer or by Paypal.
We reserve the right to change commission rates without notice, but you will always be paid based on the rate in effect on the day the sales lead was generated.

Abiie loves working with bloggers & affiliates and appreciates all the interest in our products. If your information meets with our program specifications, we’ll be in touch to get started! Help us reach you by providing a valid email address or phone number.