Beyond Junior Y chair

Each Beyond Junior highchair is constructed with original European Beech wood. 
We DO NOT use man-made wood (Fiberboard) in our products.
Original Beechwood can easily be identified by the surface texture on the wooden parts.  Each surface has its own unique pattern, much like our fingerprints. As we can see in the images below, A1 (Seat), A2 (Footrest), and A3 (Tray), all has each, its own "fingerprint".


abiie wood

Engineered wood - Fiberboard (Non-Abiie Product)

Fiberboard is manufactured by binding fibers together with adhesives to form the composite materials. Composite product may be printed with a wood grain pattern. These printed wood grain patterns are easily identified by the identical and repeated patterns on the wood surfaces as we can see on C1, and C2.  Both exhibit similar printed pattern on different parts of the wood product.  The bottom surface of the wood reveals the coarse composite material, as can be seen on C3.

Abiie Beyond Junior Y Chair DOES NOT contains any composite material on any wooden part.











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