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love this stroller. It's light and comes with a lot of goodies... one my favorite features is the mini glove compartment right underneath the babydeck. It's so unusual! It's keeping my spare keys, medication and movie tickets! Julie Wagners, Seattle, WA

Visited a number of stores and spent few hours testing them before we settled to Abiie.1. It's lightweight.2. Has an easy fold and open, really easy to push around 3. The recline is great. It goes really far back and is so easy, smooth and quick. And its just as easy and smooth to go from recline to upright. 4. It is comparable with big brands in terms of style, durability, practicality but way way cheaper. Bought mine for just [$]. The baby changing deck feature is one of a kind. This is really helpful. As a mom to 4 rambunctious kids, i should know what feature deserves a thumbs up.Would highly highly recommend this to moms. J Williams, San Francisco, CA

At the airport, my son decided to take a walk and we ended up using this stroller as our baggage cart. We stacked several baggages and one notebook carryon at the push handle and no problem at all. the stroller took the load quite well. Brad R, NY
After reviewing every stroller for my baby registry I knew this one was going to have great expectations. The stroller was easy to assemble and love the color and design. The product is light weight as described and I am only 100lbs myself and needed a durable stroller for daily use and easy to fold for quick access. Received the stroller as an early gift so we have not yet used the stroller but I am very excited to use the product and love the changing table feature. By the various reviews of this stroller I have no doubt this will be a long lasting product. Rachel, Hamburg, NY
I've been using this stroller for about 3 weeks now with my 1.5 yr old. We took it with us to California and it worked great along the way. We finally say goodbye to airport changing table. Love the canopy which covers almost completely providing a privacy spot to our little Danny. Love the greenish color and stylish design, the striking look caught many attention-easy to spot. I love the feature the big pouch at the back, a great place for keeping my magazines. It took us a while to figure out how to fold it, afterthat it's easy. This stroller also comes with a strap for infant carrier, we didn't realize it until the straps fell out from the basket. what a surprise!Tina, Arizona

" I love the BabyDeck stroller!!
My favorite feature is the 'babydeck'. I can change my baby directly from the stroller seat - where I KNOW its clean.!!" Alison, Houston, TX

AFter six months, my husband & I still love this strolller. First, the diaper-deck / babydeck feature is really helpful when changing our little Matt outdoor. It gives Matt a 24/7 VIP diaper changing spot (well, it's all his!). Also there r 2 peekaboo windows that allows us to keep an eye on him at all times. The canopy drop down provides a nice private space fpr Matt especially at crowded place. The fabric is removable and washable for easy cleanup, lightweight ~18lbs. love ithighly recommended. Magaret, Houston, Tx

This was an excellent purchase for my grandson. Baby is comfortable, secure and very safe. The canopy is excellent, especially for a sunny day, you can adjust or extend the size. It packs up nice and tight. Very easy to push around. Reclining seats plus the additional benefit of a diaper changing panel that folds out of the seat. The basket in the bottom is great for even a large diaper bag. lots of features for the price. We are enjoying our Abiie G2G. Tanaya, NJ