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By Shannon Bowyer on June 27, 2013
Color Name: Natural
I was a little bit of a procrastinator about getting a second high-chair and kept putting it off until I came across this beyond junior high chair several months ago. This chair looks wonderful in our home. My 8 month old can sit comfortably in the chair, with plenty of space for him since the tray can be adjusted. I love how the seat can be moved to various height levels. We also love the natural wood construction and the tray cover that can be removed for washing. The only thing I'm not crazy about is this chair comes without wheels. Overall, we love it and my son loves it!
By Benjamin Roussey on May 2, 2013
Color Name: Mahogany
We received this chair as a gift from my in-laws. What attracts us: a) the Y SHAPE, we're intrigued by its slick design and the color matches our dining furniture b) The fact that it is a 'grow-with-the-child' type of highchair c) It is environmental friendly. We were little worried, at first, since we hadn't seen it in person and when it finally arrived, we were relieved and fell in love with it. I was able to put it together right away. It's easy for first timer-- the nuts, bolts, wood dowel were already preinstall on its designated spots. Once the chair is fully assembled, it's pretty sturdy and locks into place. My wife loves the fact that she can remove the tray with only one hand while holding the baby with her other. This chair is pretty sturdy. We like that the harness belt is made with the similar material as car seat belt. It has two straps for the shoulders, two around the sides, one up between the legs and a middle buckle. Another great feature is that we can remove the seat easily for cleaning and put it back right away when done!!! The tray table has to be removed with both hands in order for the child get out of the chair. My suggestion to the manufacturer is to make the tray flip up 180 degrees and over to the back of chair instead. Over all my daughter likes this high chair very much. Meal time is very important to us and I am just glad she sits through a meal on the chair with no fusses.
By Amber W on October 28, 2013
Color Name: Natural
I never review products, but I have been so in love with the Abiie highchair that I decided to add a review. We have been using the chair for about a month now as my 6 month old daughter has begun eating solid food. The chair is a great size for her and she has been able to easily sit up straight in it for the past month. With my 2 1/2 year old we owned the Fisher Price Rainforest Highchair, which was slightly less expensive. We have also used Cosco and Eddie Bauer highchairs at relatives on a fairly regular basis and the Abiie chair is by far my favorite.

- Small footprint in the kitchen and dinning room
- Easy to clean up. The wood cleans up well, the tray can just be thrown in the dishwasher and I put the seat and back pad in the washing machine and it came out looking like new. With the Fisher Price Rainforest highchair although it could be wiped clean, food got behind the pad and got really gross. I tried washing it and the Fisher Price pads were pretty much destroyed.
- Pads are easily replaceable if something happened to them and can be purchased through the website. Many other highchairs do not sell replacement parts once the warranty expires.
- Chair is aesthetically pleasing and looks good next to our dinning room table.
- Chair can be adjusted to many levels so it can be used when the child outgrowns the highchair you don't need to buy a new tall chair for the table.
- Easy to assemble
- Strap system in easy to use. Also, I feel like even without being strapped in my 6 month old is securly in the seat because the wood leg divider goes all the way up to the tray and the sides are so high. This is not always the case with other highchairs I have used.
- We have also used the chair without the seat and back pads, which makes it so easy to clean and it blends in really well at our table.

- I wish it had wheels, so it would be easier to scoot around our kitchen when she joins me as a cook.
- I wish the seat could go just slightly higher so it could fit over our table and she could be pushed in further.

The advantages far outweigh the minor (in my mind) disadvantages and I highly recommend this highchair.
By H. Frantz on November 16, 2013
Color Name: Natural Verified Purchase
LOVE IT! I have a special needs daughter that still needs to be in a highchair. She is big for her age and I was nervous the tray would not fit but she has plenty of room and the harness fits too! I wish I would have bought this chair years ago!! It's easy to assemble and change around. Worth every penny!
By McDonald Family on April 29, 2013
Color Name: Natural
The beyond junior high chair is comfort in convience all wrapped in one. I have four children and out of the three high chairs I have bought, this chair is by far my favorite and most used. My 2 year old, 5 and 7 year old ALL use this chair at some point in the day and its adjusted to fit their size. One thing I love about this high chair vs. others, is the convenience of cleaning the tray after big messes, just pop in the dishwasher and your done. My son has spilled everything from cake icing to koolaide in the chair and after simply wiping it down by removing the seat with ease. Another plus, is the fact that this particular high chair will work for a boy/girl and looks good with any style of decorations. The only problem I had was I got hung up on the installation. The qr code on the instructions wasn't an interactive demo so it too me some time to figure it all out. Hopefully the company fixes that so parents can save time putting it together. All in all a really good buy. I will most definitely use this high chair for my future children. I have received numerous compliments on it and recommened it to many. This chair is a must have for someone who has kids especially if you have several like me.
By A. Michel on August 29, 2013
Color Name: NaturalVerified Purchase
I wanted a wooden high chair that could be adjusted for long-term use. I looked at the Stokke of course, but I also wanted a tray, and the negative reviews of their trays kept me looking. Finally found this chair and am so glad I persisted! It has everything: easy to clean, easy to assemble, durable, comfortable (apparently), and safe. My seven month old spends time with me in the kitchen while hanging out in his high chair (I've tied toys to the straps that he plays with constantly). I also have to say I was incredibly impressed with the customer service from Abiie, the manufacturer, who emailed me personally to apologize for the distributor's poor communication and shipping (separate review), and then immediately replaced a piece that arrived broken, which was not their fault, and included a stroller headlight gift for free. INCREDIBLE! Great product, great company.
By cap on June 16, 2013
Color Name: NaturalVerified Purchase
My middle daughter got one of the first of these just from the warehouse. We watched as my son-in-law put it together - it was very easy - only took him a 1/2 hour (without any help from his father-in-law!). It looks clean, sturdy, and can easily grow with the size of your child. They then took it apart for their move across the country - very easy to take apart and put together. They liked it so much, that we bought another one for our older daughter (she has a 1 yr old daughter plus 3 boys). She loves it as well and it will serve her needs for a long time (it can be used well into toddler stage and above without having to get another booster seat). The beechwood is very smooth and the straps and hardware are a very good quality.
By Jeffery D Hager on April 16, 2014
Color Name: MahoganyVerified Purchase
My wife and I did alot of research to decide on a chair. We also had to factor in what chairs would ship to an APO address. We also didn't want to spend a fortune on just a high chair. We found this one, and thanks to Amazons other sellers, we were able to ship it to APO.
About the chair: Works as advertised. THe wood is a good solid wood. The padding is soft, but not plush. It will help the baby as it isn't like paper as some have said. The seat is cushion is washable too with no defect in quality. The tray requires two hands to take off, as it has buttons on both sides that need to be pushed in. Initially I thought this would be a problem, but it isn't. The seat belts are easy and work great. We have had them lose so the baby can lean to the side, or a little tighter to keep him upright. The seat as well as footrest is adjustable, so we see that it will definitely grow with our baby.

Cons. Nothing major but I see the wood on the tray is showing signs of wear after 1 month where it slides into the plastic holder. Not a big deal, as it doesn't affect function. Appearance will show that it gets used, but the overall beauty is great.

Definitely recommend to buy this over the other more expensive chairs with the additional cost add-ons.
By Nathan on April 10, 2014
Color Name: MahoganyVerified Purchase
Always want to have a strong, made of wood and useful high chair. This one is on the money. Easy to assembly (disclaimer: I paid $49 for office chair installation of $99 chair, I just don't like to assembly furniture).
By H. Frantz on December 11, 2013
Color Name: MahoganyVerified Purchase
This was the second Junior Y Chiar we purchased. We liked it so much we purchased on for the grandparents house. Stable chair, plenty of room for the tray, easy to assemble, cushions clean easily. We love this chair!
By Kejanarama on September 23, 2013
Color Name: NaturalVerified Purchase
We love this high chair, it was easy to assemble and looks great! It's easy to clean, is adjustable and our 6 months old can sit in it just fine.
By Pinklady on May 18, 2013
Color Name: MahoganyVerified Purchase
I was pleased to find this highchair. It is a well made product, so far we have been very satisfied. If you are looking for a chair that is sturdy, easy to clean, and comfort to baby then this is the one for you. We didn't have much trouble at all putting it together since the maker was very well thought placing right parts, right screws at where they supposed to be. The seats can be easily removed for cleaning, tray cover is one handed release so it is great for multitasking mom! I loved the look of this chair, it really looks great in our kitchen, this is by far one of the most attractive highchair I had ever seen!
By Joseph C. Calabro on December 17, 2013
Color Name: NaturalVerified Purchase
This high chair was very easy to assemble. It is sturdy, made of high quality wood, and looks great. The seat and footrest are easily adjustable, the tray insert removes with no fuss, and the chair can be quickly cleaned. The chair does not fold, but it has a small footprint and is not too heavy to move for storage.
By Weston on December 11, 2014
Color Name: MahoganyVerified Purchase
I received this as a gift from my parents for my third son's early Christmas present. I researched several different options and this was the best fit for our family. Having three kids (and only four chairs at our kitchen table), I needed something that did not take up a ton of space and would eventually slide up to my kitchen table so that baby #3 can join us and have his own seat. I loved the design of the chair, the look, the price and the reviews I read on line... so I requested this one for my son.
It arrived and was easy to put together, well packaged and came quickly. The chair is lighter weight than I thought it would be and easy to push around on my kitchen floor so he can sit next to me while I'm cooking or prepping dinner. He fits well in it and we love how easy it is to put the tray on and take it off. It's super easy to clean and even though I thought the white padding might be a problem, it's hasn't been. One night I left spaghetti sauce sitting on it for about 2 hours and was worried it wouldn't come out. It did take a little scrubbing, but came clean.
Overall I have no complaints about this chair and love it! It's everything we wanted and needed and really looks nice in our kitchen as opposed to the large plastic highchairs that I used with my other children.
My favorite part is that it's a chair that will grow with our family and we will be able to use it for many years.
Also, the customer service at Abiie is stellar. I received an email back the same day each time I sent an email. We had a slight defect in our wood and they replaced it without question. They are a very professional, yet personal company and I am happy to give them my business.
Thank you Abiie for being exactly what we were looking for!
By Winston Ultimate on May 13, 2014
Color Name: Mahogany
Our son loves this new chair, I have no regrets! It is very spacious and comfortable, and the contour on the backrest is a wonderful extra touch. The actual quality and workmanship is great as well, as is the general look and feel. Clean-up is a snap since the tray, seat, AND footrest are easily removed. I am more than comfortable sitting my son in the seat, it's very sturdy and built to last. The different stages of the chair add value to the product and will make sure that I continue to use it for a years. And lastly, it's eco-friendly! I can't think of one complaint, a highly recommended chair!
By liampaul on May 9, 2014
Color Name: Mahogany
I received this chair as gift from my parents and it has been the best gift. My 2 year old uses it all the time at our dining table and we’ve been using it since for other uses as well. What attracted us to this chair was the fact that it is primarily made of wood instead of mostly plastic like other baby chairs I've owned in the past which makes it recyclable and better for the environment. My child spends most of her time eating on this chair and the cleaning up has been pretty straightforward and simple with it's one hand removable tray cover. What makes this chair truly unique is that it can easily convert into an ordinary chair that even adults can use. The tray area can be quickly removed and two seat surfaces that can be moved up and down easily, where anyone can sit on. And once it is converted into a chair, it doesn't even look like a baby seat anymore as guests who come over and sat on it didn't even realize it was a baby chair. They are as surprised and intrigued as I was when I first started using it. Overall, I'm very happy with this chair, nice quality and it is especially perfect in our 1 bedroom apartment with limited space. For newly weds with a growing baby, this multifunction chair is perfect.
By ANN F SCHUMACHER on November 17, 2013
Color Name: MahoganyVerified Purchase
This highchair is BEAUTIFUL. We had looked at the Tripp Trap and similar chairs and for some reason I wasn't really convinced, but once I found this chair and read up a little on the company that makes it and their focus on being environmentally conscious, I decided to give it a shot. It fits in beautifully with our dark wood table and chairs, and is made so well. I love it and will likely buy a second for baby #2 since this one will grow with our first!! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!
By Marchangel on October 26, 2013
Color Name: Natural
We purchased this for our three year old. She weighs 35 lbs and is 37 inches tall. It works really well for her. Recently she has been interested in having it pulled up to the dinner table instead of using the tray. It's been an easy transition from high hair to table.
Nancy Bendel on October 20, 2013
Color Name: Natural
We really love this chair. It has been almost six months and we have been very satisfied. Unlike others, you can quickly adjust the seat to different height levels by pressing the latch underneath it. It took my husband several trials & errors to assemble this chair. (If he would just read the instruction manual..). Cleaning is pretty easy, as the tray cover is removable with one hand. The food tray comes with two settings which fits my 15 months old very well. Love the style & color. Overall, we're happy with this chair!
By lindie grahma on June 24, 2013
Color Name: MahoganyVerified Purchase
I did a lot of research for the perfect highchair. We finally bought it amazon since it comes with free shipping and competitive price tag! I am very pleased with the selection that we made with this adorable wooden high chair. We have had it for over seveal weeks and haven't had any problems with it. It's easy to clean since seat can be removed and reinstall quickly. Our daughter is 26 months, we plan to keep this chair until she is 7 or 8 yrs old. A great product that I highly recommend.
jamie evans on May 10, 2013
Color Name: MahoganyVerified Purchase
This high chair is absolutely wonderful! It was little more expensive than I would have like to spend on a baby gear but we think it was worth it since this chair can be adjusted to my child's growth, this chair will work for many more years. One of the reasons we decided to go for beyond junior was the beautiful beech wood which fit into our earth friendly - organic baby product selection . The chair was easy to put together (my husband did it so no complaint here) and it's sturdy. It has beautiful cream white paddings, switchable 5 point harness or 3 pt harness. Unlike stokke, this highchair can be adjustable in different height levels without the need of tools. All surfaces can be easily removed for cleaning, I really like the transparent tray cover which can be removed by one hand while I'm holding on to my son . One reviewer said she had trouble with the strap but I've had no trouble with ours, the safety buckle actually engage very well on the chair. Overall i am very pleased with the purchase. would highly recommend it.
By Tracey Epley on June 19, 2014
Color Name: MahoganyVerified Purchase
I could not be happier with this high chair. This is our third high chair purchase in the last 6 years, and it is by far the best design. Sturdy, streamlined, and easy to transport around the kitchen, this high chair is easy to clean, and it keeps the baby well restrained.
Elizabeth M Horany on January 28, 2015
Color Name: Mahogany
We are thrilled with this chair! We got the mahogany finish and it looks great in our home. We have dark wood cabinets and table and it blends so well. It honestly doesn't look like a "baby" item. It looks like furniture. We get a compliment on it every time someone new sees it. The tray is a good size and the chair is comfortable. It is also awesome that the plastic cover can come off and is easy to wash. The other thing we learned early on is that it is wonderful to be able to take off the seat cover and straps to wash. You couldn't do that with highchair we had for my older daughter and the straps got moldy because they were hard to clean. After the first use of the Abbie Beyond Junior when the straps were covered in purée goop we just took the straps out and washed them in hot soapy water. Good as new! I love that this chair is adjustable and can grow with the babies. I would highly recommend this chair!! Both my 10 month old and my two and a half year old can use this chair. We have been using it with my youngest since she was about 6 months old and my oldest will be able to fit in it for a long, long time. We even use it at the table as a regular chair that doesn't require a booster we just don't use the tray and pull it up to the table. So convenient! Best looking highchair on the market in my opinion!
By James "The Tech Guy" on June 13, 2013
Color Name: Mahogany
With the Beyond Junior Y High Chair the first thing I want to note is that it's VERY good for a cautious parent that is worried about a child falling out; this thing has a seatbelt that is made with materials matching that of a car seat belt and it is well placed. The belts are sturdy, there are multiple straps which go around the shoulders, waist, and between the legs to keep the child from getting up or from sliding out and they all buckle in the middle. The 2nd thing I would like to note is that with this chair you don't have to worry about the child outgrowing it anytime soon as this chair is very adjustable and can seem to even grow with the child.

One of the best things about this chair is that you can remove the food tray with one hand if you need to and you can remove the seat easily for cleaning. I love the nice finished wood look; it shines and matches well with a nice wooden dining room set. Now for the Assembly part, I know a lot of people aren't very handy but don't get scared about it because it's a very simple task and there is a very well written guide to help you so just relax, this is probably one of the easiest chairs I have ever assembled.
By Jessica Pac on March 1, 2015
Color Name: Natural
This is our first real high chair for our second child and we love it! Our eight month old loves to eat, and we believe in letting him control the eating process so he makes an absolute mess. The white chair pads show no evidence of this, as they're easy to wipe down after each feeding. He loves to be at table height so that he can sit at the table with the rest of us. I also love that this chair has so much room to grow! Easy to clean, easy to get him in and out, looks gorgeous, what else can you ask for? The footprint is perfect for our small kitchen, too!
By Ashley on December 17, 2014
Color Name: Natural

I am in love with this high chair!! It is very sturdy, stable, and safe for my daughter to sit in. It is super easy to clean with the removable plastic tray cover. My daughter is only 8 months old right now, but as she grows the seat can be adjusted down to accommodate for her change in height. And most of all for my husband and me it is a modern beautiful addition to our kitchen. I'm not a huge fan of all the cheap looking plastic high chairs. This high chair is perfect for our home!


By Carol Male on November 17, 2013
Color Name: Natural
I purchased this high chair for my granddaughter. I wanted something she could use for a few years that would grow with her. I was very impressed with the packaging of this product. The instructions were easy to read and follow. It no time I had it together and did not require any help. I was very impressed with how the bolts lined up with the holes that were meant for them. The material used for this high chair and the workmanship are of high quality. I hope to see more products from this company and would definitely purchase from Abiie again. When a company believes in quality, I appreciate them. Thank-you for a wonderful Junior Y High Chair.
By Anne P. on June 11, 2014
Color Name: Natural
Just bought this chair a week ago and love it so far! Fairly easy to assemble. Wood feels solid, the chair has been well machined so it comes together well (not rickety like some cheaper furniture). Fits my chubby five month old quite well. Plastic tray cover is super easy to remove. So far easy to wipe down. Tray is easy to remove.

My one quibble has to do with the straps. They slide down ,my daughter's shoulders. Maybe I have to fiddle with the fit more, but it is annoying and possibly unsafe.

Also, the company has stellar customer service. I emailed them a question and got the answer from the CEO!
By James E. Miles on June 3, 2014
Color Name: NaturalVerified Purchase
Assembly was simple and exact. Functionally the bady and mother love it and that is what counts. A great product.
By John T. Smith on May 31, 2014
Color Name: NaturalVerified Purchase
This chair is a wonderful combination of thoughtful, attractive design and solid construction. The tray, seat, and foot rest are simple to use and adjust. The tray consists of two parts, one wood and one plastic, which work well together. You get the easy-to-clean benefit of the plastic cover which fits snugly over the solid wooden base. The plastic is an attractive translucent color, which allows the beauty of the wood beneath to show through. The birch wood is really beautiful, easy-to-clean, and seems like it should last and maintain its look for years to come. The design manages to feel modern yet classic at the same time.

A minor improvement we would like to see would be to have the seating pad wrap around the wooden backrest a bit. Like a previous reviewer, our son, when very young, occasionally bumped his head on the top of the backrest. Nothing serious; just a minor annoyance.

All in all, our son loves sitting in the chair and we look forward to its usefulness as he grows older.
By Aslansmom on May 16, 2014
Color Name: MahoganyVerified Purchase
I bought this chair for my second child, before this one we had the huge plastic high chair! I hates that one, first it was huge, second it wasn't blending with the house, I was completely irritated because I was seeing white huge plastic thing with my beautiful furniture. I decided to get the wood one, I picked Abiie because it grows with your child. Assembly is super easy, removable tray makes cleaning easy! Also I do take off the tray part and push the chair closer to the table, she feels like she is sitting with us but has her own chair. Taking the parts apart, adjusting the foot rest, moving the food tray part... All extremely convenient, happy with the purchase!
By Pierre-Luc Levesque on May 13, 2014
Color Name: MahoganyVerified Purchase
We can grab this chair and bring it in the garden or the living room, it's light and not bulky at all.
the colour and the style make it discrete in our dining room and the height is just right when you are feeding the little one.
totally recommend it !
By Marisa A Needham on April 19, 2014
Color Name: NaturalVerified Purchase
Would definitely recommend this to friends. We love the size, not too bulky, and the style is great! It is VERY high quality, and the plastic cover can be removed for easy cleaning, or to just use the beautiful wood tray on its own. We are very happy and pleased with our purchase, and are happy to have this chair for years and years to come as our son grows!
By MD on March 29, 2014
Color Name: Natural
Title : Awesome Chair
We've been using this beyond Junior chair for more than 6 months and it has been wonderful! The positive feedback are... the wooden food tray can be adjusted to make it closer to baby, It's easy to clean since seat can be attached-detached quickly, stylish looking but the most important is my baby feel comfortable in it. Overall, we're happy with this chair, highly recommended!
By Kyle on January 3, 2015
Color Name: MahoganyVerified Purchase
Sturdy construction. No complaints.
By Christine S. on July 24, 2014
Color Name: MahoganyVerified Purchase
After a LOT of research, we landed on this chair and couldn't be happier. It was very easy to put together, seems like great quality, and has stood up to our messy son for the last 5 months with no issues. Also, our son is very tall and big for his age, and we've had no issues as this chair is highly adjustable. Great value.
By PS on October 7, 2014
Color Name: Mahogany
Great baby high chair. easy to adjust. Love wood furniture and the stain is nice. Mine came slightly damaged from shipping but the company gave me a discount off the price to compensate.
By Kindle Customer on December 28, 2013
Color Name: Natural
My mother in law bought this chair and it is SUCH nice quality! I can definetly see this being a chair that all my future kids can use and even grandkids too! The wood is so smooth and the tray is easy to clean plus it's so stylish. I like the little foot rest too.
By tiffkd5wmm on May 21, 2013
Color Name: Natural
This is by far the best high chair ever!! Easy to clean, does not hold a stain, pop-off tray makes clean-up a cinch!
It took us a little over 20 minutes to put it together. Instructions were easy to follow. Anyone looking for a quality made high chair, look no further! This is a durable well-made chair! I love it!!
By Pols on September 28, 2014
Color Name: MahoganyVerified Purchase
The chair is very sturdy and made of quality wood. The only feature that I don't like is that when I took plastic removable tray out of the chair, inevitably it would scratch the surface of the wooden tray, and the scratch is obvious on the dark-colored chair. So if you plan to have this chair, get a light color neutral one since the scratch would be less obvious.
By amanda cooper on March 17, 2014
Color Name: MahoganyVerified Purchase
Our son likes the chair ok, but the straps seem odd and don't really catch his shoulders in the right place. But it looks good at our dinner table and I feel like he is safe in it. It's great to have a wood one as the plastic explosion with children is getting out of control!
By KoMc on June 12, 2014
Color Name: NaturalVerified Purchase
After reviewing several highchairs this is the one we decided on because of the ability to become a chair that pulls up to the table.
The tray is easy to remove - but you have to un-clip from the sides. It doesn't have a release in the middle of the tray; so you need both hands to pull the try out.
Feels very sturdy and made out of solid wood. It is heavy to move across the floor.
Overall great chair.
By Mike on December 29, 2014
Color Name: NaturalVerified Purchase
Highly Recommended. A bit pricey, but legit good design.
By nydia gonzalez lopez on March 2, 2015
Color Name: NaturalVerified Purchase
By L. Huang on November 30, 2013
Color Name: NaturalVerified Purchase
A wonderful product, you would like it .
don't need to hesitate to get one~~ is easy to assemble , easy to clean~


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