10 Promises All Working Moms Should Make to Their Kids

10 Promises All Working Moms Should Make to Their Kids

There’s so much we can’t do because our time is limited, but there’s also so much we can.

Life today doesn't allow for many guarantees. You could lose your job at any time, your taxes could rise or your child's caregiver could bail. Still, there are certain vows any working mom can make to help her kid feel a lot more stable in ever-changing circumstances. Say them out loud to a school-age child, or mentally file them away until your little one is big enough to understand—and hold you to them.

1. If you say something is important, I will believe you and listen.

If it’s urgent, I’ll stop what I’m doing. If it’s not, I might need a minute or two to finish up, but then you’ll have my undivided attention.

2. I will designate time every single day for doing an activity together, without interruption.

Barring true emergencies, my phone will be down and my eyes will be on you for playing, chatting or just watching a movie while snuggling. Even if I’m traveling, we can find time to connect.

3. If I can’t be there in person for special events, I will make sure another adult you love is—and/or that the event is filmed and we can watch it together later.

Whether it’s a big game or a school play, a beloved grown-up will be your personal cheerleader, or I will arrange to get the footage so I can cheer you on in person afterward.

4. I will always celebrate your birthday.

Even if I go to work the day of, you better believe there will be cake and candles, or some other treat of your choosing, when I get home or the weekend after.

5. I will show you why my job is important to me.

When you’re old enough, I’ll explain exactly what I do and why I love it—or at least how it helps me and our family. And if my business allows, I’ll take you to the office with me.

6. I will answer all your questions.

If I don’t know how best to respond right away, I will find out and get back to you.

7. My close coworkers will know (all) about you.

You might not get to meet all of them face to face, but they will hear about you and see photos of you. Just like I talk to you about them, I will talk to them about you.

8. I will support any of your choices that keep you happy, healthy and safe (as long as I can afford to).

Whether you follow in my footsteps (college and career) or do something wildly different (hey, maybe you’ll become a stay-at-home mom or dad), I’ll have your back.

9. We will have special rituals and I’ll make every effort to keep them up for as long as you’d like.

From a book after bath to an annual pilgrimage to your favorite theme park, I’ll make sure you have lots to look forward to—and count on.

10. You will always feel my love.

Through the above and more, you will never question how much I adore you.

Written by Meredith Bodgas for Working Mother and legally licensed through the Matcha publisher network. Please direct all licensing questions to legal@getmatcha.com.