Gain Baby Weight? 3 Tips To Get Fit After Giving Birth

Gain Baby Weight? 3 Tips To Get Fit After Giving Birth

To say that childbirth is stressful on a mother’s body is an understatement. The hormones of a woman can take a while to get back into balance as well as most moms put on weight during their pregnancy. Too many mothers use having children as an excuse to put on weight and never take it off. While it might not be as easy to get into shape after giving birth it is more than possible. You need to take a proactive approach about getting fit as it can be easy to put off exercising with an excuse about taking care of the baby. The following are tips that will help you get into shape after giving birth.

Get Your Diet Back in Order

During pregnancy you are going to have some of the strangest craving imaginable as well as an appetite that cannot be quelled. Studies have shown that over half of the mothers in the US gain too much weight during their pregnancy. When a mother gains way too much weight this can actually have negative impacts on the child. Take the first couple of weeks to spend time with your newborn while eating what you please while you recover. Once you have recovered it is time to put yourself on a diet as even something like cardio can seem unmanageable when carrying around an extra 30 pounds. You want to be as healthy as possible for your children so stop making excuses about your diet. If you don’t have time to cook on a specific day you should meal prep as this will reduce your ordering food in or settling for fast food as it is the most convenient option.

Pick Out Your Problem Areas

All women have one or more areas that they have issues with when they gain weight. This could be the lower stomach or hips immediately after giving birth. You need to pick a workout program that targets these areas or pick exercises that will target the areas you usually have problems taking weight off of. There are plenty of options online and even workout programs that target specific areas. Use the internet to do the proper research of programs that work as well as other aids like the best waist trimmer or leg compression shorts.

Try a Few 30 Day Challenges

The best thing that you can do is to stay engaged with what workout program that you are taking part in. There are a myriad of 30 day challenges online that you can take part in. This will help you avoid getting sick of a program after a few months as well as can help you avoid the dreaded plateau that kills the motivation of those trying to get into better shape. Most of these challenges have dietary restrictions as well so make sure that you pick a program that aligns with your goals. A bulking up program might not be the best option for a mother to lose weight while a high intensity cardio challenge could be the perfect fit.

Taking long walks with your child can be a perfect way to put a newborn to sleep and get your exercise in. Mothers understand you cannot always make it to the gym so you will have to be creative in some instances.

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