Mom's Genius Setup to Keep Her Kids Separate While Virtual Learning Is Worth Stealing

Mom's Genius Setup to Keep Her Kids Separate While Virtual Learning Is Worth Stealing

Turning our homes into homeschooling-slash-co-working spaces is no easy task. Luckily, one mom developed a pretty perfect solution.

Angelina Harper, a mom of three and teacher in Louisville, Kentucky, wasn’t sure how to arrange her kids’ at-home learning space. She explained that she’d been tempted to buy new desks for them, or to rearrange her basement, where Mom and Dad often take meetings, which would pose a set of difficulties. She posted a set of pictures of what she finally decided to do on her Facebook page, where it has since gone viral.

“Individual work space, limited distractions, visuals, portable (in case we need some flexible seating from time to time) and sooo cute!” Angelina wrote. “WIN!!”

The portable learning divider can be used almost anywhere, and even allows kids to sit next to their siblings without distracting one another. This is definitely a win for working parents.

Angelina created a divider for each of her kids, complete with what appear to be the kids’ favorite colors, a hook for hanging their headphones, a calendar, a pencil pouch, a hanging folder, their names in big shiny letters, and a few inspirational sayings to keep them motivated, like, “We are so proud of you!” and “Take your time!”

The best part of all? The at-home setup is inexpensive and can likely be made out of what you already have around the house—because we know you have enough on your plate.

This year, it’s on parents to make sure kids are equipped to learn in an optimal environment, as many schools are continuing with virtual learning. Somehow, working parents will have to continue working from home while homeschooling kiddos—and making sure they’re actually learning from home.

In places where schools have reopened, fortunately, teachers are making the best of their situation and doing what they can to make sure kids feel safe, like with these creative socially distant truck desks.

However your family is handling back-to-school season, you got this, Mama. And Dads, let’s share the mental load.

Written by Quinn Fish for Working Mother and legally licensed through the Matcha publisher network. Please direct all licensing questions to