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Las Vegas, USA. Sept 7-11.
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* 2008 KIND & JUGEND FAIR, Cologne, Germany. Sept 11-14.
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Las Vegas, USA. Sept 13-16.
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Las Vegas, USA. October 10-13.
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Louisville, Kentucky, USA. October 14-17.

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About Abiie

Abiie (pronounced ‘Ab-bee’) LLC is based in Austin-the heart of Texas-which has earned the popular name of the City of Music. Austin is home to intellectual and artistic talent with many renowned writers, professors, students, musicians, and politicians. For its contributions to technology, Austin is also sometimes called Silicon Hills. The Austinite spirit of moving towards a full and rich life underlies the establishment of Abiie LLC, an innovative company aiming to produce quality parenting products.

Abiie LLC is essentially a team of skilled engineers who focus on enhancing the lives of families by providing practical solutions to daily life problems involving kids, using their creativity in technology. It is the only company that owns the right to produce and license BabyDeck diaper-changing strollers to customers around the world. These strollers will solve a number of problems related to outdoor diaper-changing.

By designing easy-to-use, safe, and comfortable parenting products, Abiie LLC practically joins the task of parenting and serves to minimize users’ loads as parents. It goes without saying that Abiie products are not only solution-oriented but also attractive and hip in their look and feel. By integrating features with functionality, they attend to the parenting as well as aesthetic needs of consumers.

More than a merely professional group of people, the Abiie team strives toward bringing satisfaction and joy to all customers, making their experience more like a living family. Abiie takes pride in the expedience of its products and the efficiency of its customer services.  

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