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Experience Innovation with Abiie® High Chairs and Baby Gear

All of our products are made with the safety and care of children in mind, as well as the ease and comfort of parents. At Abiie®, we believe in sustainable functionality. Created with quality eco-friendly materials and minimalist designs, our products are long-lasting and perfect for any family. Take a look at our entire collection of innovative products now.

Sustainable Abiie High Chair
Our Sustainable Abiie® High Chair
Our Abiie® Beyond Junior® Y High Chair is created with recyclable and biodegradable beechwood sourced from sustainable forests in Europe. Disinfected with pressure-assisted anti-microbial heat sterilization at 248° F, this wooden high chair for sale goes above and beyond to bring functionality and safety to a family. Featuring a patented EZ-Seat design you can enjoy quick seat adjustment in less than 20 seconds. This handy feature also allows your high chair to grow with your child from infancy, straight up to adulthood.

Featured on The Steve Harvey Show, our award-winning Abiie® high chair is safety assured and designed for easy cleaning and disassembly. With a large selection of accessories and a dishwasher-safe tray cover, your entire family will enjoy mealtime during any time of day. Buy your baby high chair online now!
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Our Huggs® Baby Carrier
We have more than just our wooden high chair for sale. Our Huggs® Baby Carrier is the best seat on the go. Featuring a patented HIPBELT design, both you and your baby will be comfortable all day long. Ensuring a smooth and quiet transition, you can easily take your baby out of your carrier for diaper changes or to safely place them in a crib.

Alongside our HIPBELT seat design, our Huggs®Baby Carrier also features a crisscross strap design, as opposed to the traditional two-strap backpack design — ensuring waist and back comfort. With a variety of carrying positions, both you and your baby can enjoy walks, run errands, and so much more.
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Child With Ruby Wrap Bib
Our Ruby Wrapp® Bib
While your baby is enjoying delicious foods in their Abiie® high chair, make mealtime clean-up easier than ever with our Ruby Wrapp® Bib. Featuring a patented EZ-Wrap and BIB-LOCK, your baby’s bib can be folded and secured for compact sanitary storage and travel use. Featuring lightweight food-grade silicone, Ruby’s soft and adjustable neckband is ergonomic and comfortable for sensitive necks.

As a parent, the less time you can spend cleaning, the better. With 100% waterproof and dishwasher-safe material, you’ll have one less thing to worry about during your daily routine. Safety assured, our Ruby Wrapp® Bib does not contain any harmful substances such as lead, BPA, phthalate, PVC, or latex. Health matters — Wrapp It Up!
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Our Octopod Baby Dishware
The Octopus-like suction cups underneath the Octopod® will make sure that your child’s dinner plate won’t end up on the floor. It will work on any flat surface no matter how badly your kiddo likes to throw his dish to the floor. We guarantee it!
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Nationally Accredited

The Abiie® Beyond Junior® Y High Chair, has been featured on numerous TV shows, including The ELLEN TV, Steve Harvey and Matt Roger’s show. Our award-winning design earned us the National Parenting Publications Awards (NAPPA) Gold Award in 2015.  We proudly create and distribute sustainable and functional products that are best for babies, parents, and caregivers.

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