Influencer Request Form

Are you passionate about sharing insights from one parent to another? Do you love connecting with your audience and making a positive impact? Do you have a genuine passion for Abiie products? Consider becoming an influencer for Abiie®. If you’re ready to show the world how Abiie® helps babies and parents, fill out our form below to express your interest in partnering with us.

Program Benefits

Joining our influencer program comes with a lot of benefits, for you and your baby! When it comes to supporting our influencers to share their knowledge, Abiie® provides constant support. From getting to know new parents to increasing your visibility, here is how being an Abiie® influencer is beneficial to you.

Broadened Visibility

Gain visibility through Abiie®’s platform, expanding your reach and impact. We spotlight our influencers, offering a platform to grow your audience and strengthen your brand presence. By partnering with us, you’ll have the opportunity to connect and interact with a community that values sustainability and innovation in baby products while boosting your brand visibility. 

Empower Parents

As an Abiie® influencer, you’ll become a visible part of a diverse community of parents. Use your voice to inspire, share your story, and support others on their parenting journey. Whether it’s a chance to give guidance to young parents, or to share experiences with fellow parents, being an Abiie® influencer gives you the option of doing both. Collaborate with us to create content that educates and empowers parents, helping them make informed decisions for their families. 

Constant Communication with Abiie®

At Abiie®, we work closely with our influencers to provide regular support. While you tell the world about our products, we make sure to guide and support your success! As an Abiie® influencer, you’ll gain access to exclusive opportunities such as product launches, special events, and promotional campaigns. From brainstorming ideas to providing product insights, we’re here to help you create content that resonates with your audience. 


To maintain the integrity of our influencer program, we have certain requirements. This is to make sure that you get the best support possible and that your voice is one of authority with other parents. 

Alignment with Brand Values

Align with Abiie®’s commitment to family values, sustainability, and customer-first approach. As an Abiie® influencer, you have to have genuine interest or passion for Abiie® products. Understand their benefits for children and parents alike, so you can share our message with the world!

Engaged Audience

Demonstrate an engaged and active audience interested in parenting and lifestyle content. We look for influencers who engage deeply with their community, creating a space where like-minded parents connect and share. 

Quality Content

As an Abiie® influencer, you must have a certain degree of professionalism. It’s important to approach collaborations with us with integrity and passion. Besides maintaining a consistent posting schedule to keep your audience continually engaged. Create high-quality authentic content that resonates with your audience.