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Abiie® USA

Austin, Texas

About Us

Based in Austin, Texas, Abiie®, (pronounced ‘Ab-bee’) LLC, is an innovative producer of quality parenting products. Austin, also known as the Silicon Hills due to the region’s dense community of tech ecosystem is home to a community of intellectuals, esteemed creatives, scholars, leaders, and beyond. Austin’s spirit of a rich and full life heavily influences who we are at Abiie®.

Our Mission

At Abiie®, we focus on enhancing the lives of families by providing practical products for daily life. Our goal is to ease the physical tasks of caring for children and minimize parents' workload by creating easy-to-use, safe, and comfortable products while keeping the designs sustainable and functional.

Our products are not only solution-oriented but also stylish in look and feel. Attending to the aesthetic of a home and the practical needs of a family, you can experience innovative features integrated with functionality.

Who We Are 

While we are a team of skilled engineers, we are also parents ourselves. We strive to bring satisfaction and joy to our family of customers. As parents, we understand what homes need to make them functional. Made with quality materials, we strive to make products that are suitable for long-term use for both parents and children.

Our Beliefs

We believe in minimalism and sustainability. Our Beyond Junior® Y Chair is made to last from infancy to adulthood. Our Huggs® Baby Carrier, Octopod® Baby Dishware and Ruby Wrapp® Bib can effortlessly be passed down to younger siblings, family, members, or friends. By offering our customers elegant and efficient products, we hope to make a difference in many family homes.

Connect With Us

We would love to connect with you! Join Abiie® our community on Instagram or Facebook to stay up to date with the latest news. Please feel free to Contact us with any questions, comments, or suggestions.