Absolutely. Our popular high chair at Abiie® is made of durable beechwood from sustainable forests in Europe. This beechwood is recyclable and biodegradable. (Note that the wood we use has first been sterilized with pressure-assisted anti-microbial heat sterilization at 248° F/ 120° C.)

We assure the safety of each and every one of our Beyond Junior<sup>®</sup> Y High Chairs. These grow-with-your-child chairs contain no harmful substances, such as BPA, phthalate, and PVC. As a matter of fact, our chairs comply with three important industry safety standards: the ASTM F404 standards; California Air Resources Board Phases 1 & 2; and H.R. 4040.

Our patented HIPBELT hip seat design makes our baby carrier stand out among the competition. This design helps to ensure that your baby will undergo a quiet and smooth transition out of her carrier. The design is also ergonomic, featuring an M-seating position that will prevent hip dysplasia in your little one. The design has actually been certified by the International Hip Dysplasia Institution due to effectively providing all-day comfort for the back and the waist.

Our baby carrier has been put through numerous industry safety tests to prove that they do not contain any harmful substances, including latex, lead, or PVC. This carrier is in compliance with two critical safety standards: ASTM F2236 and H.R. 4040.

This innovative carrier is designed to accommodate the body of every parent, no matter your shape and size. For instance, it comes with straps that you can adjust to achieve your ideal fit. For this reason, whether you have a large build or are petite, the carrier is guaranteed to keep you feeling comfortable for hours on end. You can also wear our carrier in multiple ways; simply choose the position that works best for you and your little one. Take a peek at this video to learn about our carrier’s four carry positions.

Our Ruby Wrapp® Bib is designed to be comfortable for every child because it is made of a lightweight, soft, food-grade silicone. In addition, the neckband of the bib is adjustable. The combination of the bib’s softness and adjustability makes this product ergonomic and comfortable even for sensitive necks.

Ruby Wrapp® Bibs are waterproof. Waterproof bibs are perfect for keeping your child clean during mealtimes. The soft, durable fabric is made to last, and the waterproof coating keeps food and drool from ruining clothes. Our bibs can be easily machine-washed in warm water. Do not machine dry. A convenient addition to any mealtime routine, Ruby Wrapp® is made of durable silcone that can easily be wiped clean, so you don't have to worry about spills and stains. Plus, they're adjustable to fit most sizes, so your little one can wear them comfortably.

We offer free shipping throughout the continental United States. We do charge a small fee for shipping to either Alaska or Hawaii.

Yes. We offer several warranties for our Ruby Wrapp® Bib (lifetime warranty [with limitations]), Huggs® Baby Carrier (two-year manufacturer warranty), and Beyond Junior® Y High Chair (three-year manufacturer warranty). Our parts and accessories are covered under warranty for one year from the date of purchase, with an option to purchase up to three additional years of coverage. Purchasing an additional 3-year warranty would cover your Huggs® Baby Carrier for 6 years, and your Beyond Junior® Y chair for 5 years.

Our manufacturer warranty plan does not cover stains or damage from normal wear and tear. With ordinary everyday use, your product will endure wear and tear. Manufacturer warranty covers damage caused by a specific incident. Overall cleaning is not covered with a warranty, as this is considered standard maintenance, as opposed to spot cleaning provided by the plan for accidental spills.

You can claim your warranty by filling out a contact form, emailing us at support@abiie.com, or calling the listed number on the warranty card.