Safety Tips for High Chairs: What To Look For in a Safety High Chair

Mother talking to baby secured in a pink Beyond Junior Y High Chair from Abiie

When you’re starting to look for a high chair, a few priorities instantly come to mind: ease of use, ease of cleaning, and most importantly, safety. If you have a But what exactly should you look for in a high chair? 

As experts in baby products and modern design standards, we’re happy to walk you through the most important factors you should look for when you’re shopping for a safety high chair. Rest assured, we’ve designed the Abiie® Beyond Junior® Y High Chair with all these factors in mind and more.

1. 3 or 5 Point Restraints

    A single strap across the waist isn’t going to cut it. Your child can wiggle out and get their leg stuck or even fall out of the seat. You want to be able to have your back turned in the kitchen without worrying if your child is going to worm their way out. Choose a 3 or 5 point restraint system. Extra points for a crotch restraint.

    2. Adjustability As Your Baby Grows

      A decent safety high chair isn’t worth the price if it’s not going to grow and adjust for years as your child grows. It would be frustrating, not to mention costly, if you were satisfied with a high chair only for it to be rendered useless as your child grew up. The best high chairs can even be turned into adult chairs! 

      3. Ease of Use

        If your chair is adjustable but it feels like putting together IKEA furniture every time you try to use it, you’re not going to want to put up with it, especially not when you’re tired or busy. Look for reviews that tout fast and stress-free usability.

        4. High-Quality Materials and Construction

          Good craftsmanship isn’t just good for aesthetics: it’s an essential part of reliable safety. If you’re wondering what to look for in a high chair, consider if your materials are long-lasting and non-toxic. 

          In California, high chairs should:

          • Meet ASTM F404-10 standards
          • Meet H.R. 4040, California Air Resources Board (CARB) Phase 1 & 2 standards
          • Contain no harmful substances such as BPA, phthalate, or PVC

          The Beyond Junior® Y High Chair Has All of the Above and More

          With Abiie® high chairs, you can enjoy all the perks of high-quality safety high chairs plus dozens of other unique perks. Just to name a few: our tray is dishwasher safe, our cushions are water-resistant and easy to clean, our beech wood is carefully sourced from sustainable European forests, and all of our parts are replaceable

          We’re confident there is no safer, higher-quality high chair on the market than the one at Abiie®. Shop our innovative baby products online.

          Frequently Asked Questions About Safety High Chairs

          1. Should you use a harness on a high chair?

          Absolutely. When it comes to determining what to look for in a high chair, a harness system should be at the top of your list. One strap across your baby’s waist is not enough to keep them secure, as your little one can easily wiggle out. To avoid this, choose a high chair with a five-point or three-point restraint system. If the chair has a sturdy crotch restraint, this is a bonus.

          2. What are the safety standards for high chairs?

          The safety standards for high chairs include the ASTM F404 standards and H.R. 4040 standards. High chairs in California must also comply with the California Air Resources Board (CARB) Phase 1 & 2. If you’re wondering what to look for in a high chair when safety is a concern, look for high chairs that follow these standards. Our Abiie Beyond Junior Y High Chair complies with all of these safety requirements.

          3. Are there any potential dangers for children for a high chair?

          Yes. Falls are among the most frequently occurring types of injury related to high chairs. Children often fall when they are attempting to stand in their chairs or climb out or into their chairs. Fortunately, our safety high chair at Abiie is designed to prevent falls with its dual 5-point or 3-point harness system.

          4. Should a 3 year old be in a high chair?

          It is common for children to use a high chair as old as 3 years. Additionally, our  high chair is designed to grow with your baby, and it can quickly be adjusted thanks to its unique EZ-Seat design. This means your child can use their high chair even in adulthood.

          5. How old should a baby be before sitting in a high chair?

          Your child should generally be at least 6 months old to sit in a high chair. At this age, they usually have the strength and coordination to begin to hold their head and body upright with some assistance from a harness system.