The Ultimate Modern High Chair: The Many Uses of the Beyond Junior® Y High Chair

Parent crouching in front of baby in the adjustable modern Beyond Junior Y High Chair
When was the last time you sat in a high chair? You probably don’t even remember — and for good reason. High chairs are for the wee little ones after all, right?

Not anymore.

In 2022, thanks to the Beyond Junior® Y High Chair, your little one can have a totally different high chair experience. With this modern high chair, they can enjoy their favorite meals not just for the next few months, but for the next few years and even decades. That’s because this popular, innovative high chair will grow with them. That means it can always be your child’s favorite spot — even when they get too big for you to carry in your arms.

Here’s a rundown on everything you need to know about the award-winning adjustable Beyond Junior® Y High Chair from Abiie®, including its many uses.

A Lifelong Chair

The modern Beyond Junior® Y High Chair can accommodate children from infancy through to adulthood. If you have a 6-month-old or older child who is ready to join the family at the dinner table, this chair is for him. Then, as they get older, you can easily remove the high chair’s footrest and tray, and you can effortlessly adjust its size to create a convenient full-size seat for your growing child. 

The best part about this modern high chair? The seat adjustment process is super quick, taking less than 20 seconds. All you do is push a button, slide the chair’s foot rest or seat bottom out, and then slide them back into their proper spots to make plenty of room for your child.

A Chair for the Young Ones

The Beyond Junior® Y High Chair has an adjustable five-point high chair harness, designed for children younger than 36 months. With this feature, you can be confident that they’ll be secure in the seat. The chair also comes with multiple seat heights, so they can find a comfortable position no matter what size they are. This modern high chair additionally comes with waterproof backrest cushions and a waterproof seat that are easy to clean with a wipe because hey — kids and spills go hand-in-hand. The high chair’s tray portion is also dishwasher safe, an added convenience for busy parents. 

Finally, with the chair’s handy footrest, your child never has to dangle his feet again! The footrest reduces pressure on their legs, making for a more comfortable sitting experience.

little girl eating french fries

A Chair for the Older Ones

When your pride and joy grows older, you can move them up to a three-point harness as well as the chair’s second seating position. For older children and adults, you’ll simply remove the chair’s child seat component and allow the footrest to become the chair. Then, adjust your chair to the appropriate height. This adjustable high chair immediately provides an additional chair for your family members or guests when needed!

What Else Makes This Modern High Chair So Unique?

This innovative high chair is made of durable beechwood from sustainable forests in Europe, so it is an eco-friendly product. In other words, it is biodegradable and recyclable. Before being used to make the chair, the beechwood is sterilized with pressure-assisted anti-microbial heat sterilization.

Parents and grandparents also love the Beyond Junior® Y High Chair because it can easily be disassembled and provides accessible access points for cleaning. The harness, seat, and belt are all removable and replaceable.

This high chair also stands out for being safety assured, giving parents peace of mind. It contains no harmful substances like PVC, phthalate, and BPA. And it complies with several major safety standards, including California Air Resources Board Phases 1 & 2, the H. R. 4040 standards, and the ASTM F404 standards.

Take Advantage of the Ultimate Modern High Chair at Abiie® Today!

At Abiie®, we’re excited to offer our Beyond Junior® Y High Chair. Since its launch in 2013, this modern high chair has revolutionized many parents’ and children’s lives. Its innovative design, in fact, earned it the National Parenting Publications Awards Gold Award in 2015.

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Along with offering modern and smooth-looking children's products, we are known for our excellent customer service. For instance, we offer a handy 30-day return policy. Additionally, we always offer free shipping across the contiguous United States. 

Experience our adjustable Beyond Junior® Y High Chair for yourself, and contact us with any questions you have today!