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Parts and Accessories
Extra Trays, Extended Warranties, Wooden High Chair Cushions, and More

When you have toddlers, you’re constantly amazed at how creative they can be with their messes. Sometimes, accidents (or mischievous little minds) result in a part breaking or going missing.

It happens! That’s why we have this page for replacement high chair parts and more, including new screws and wooden high chair cushions. We want to do our best to make our products last as long as possible, and adding convenient part replacement is a big part of our mission towards sustainability. If you have any questions, contact Abiie® anytime.

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Cushion SET (OLIVE) - Beyond Junior® High Chair
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Cushion SET (BLUEBERRY BLUE) - Beyond Junior® High Chair
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Find New High Chair Tray Hardware

The Beyond Junior® Y High Chair comes with a dishwasher-safe tray that can be removed and washed. You’ll enjoy the convenience of having more than one tray so one can stay in the wash while one is being used to eat. This is also great if you have more than one kid!

Explore Assorted High Chair Parts

We understand that screws and straps can get lost in the shuffle sometimes, especially if you have a full house or you’ve had a big move. If you’ve lost a part, we carry easy replacements here — including screws.

Replacement Chair Cushions

Having more than one wooden high chair cushion set is also great for cleaning purposes — or simply if your crafty child has managed to destroy one. You can find multiple colors, which is also fun if you’re alternating high chair use with different kids.

Extend Your Warranty

Our products are built to last, but if you suspect your kids are going to be hard on your products, we offer a number of extended warranties on our high chairs, baby carriers, and silicone bibs. Explore our options.