Our Mission: Eco-Friendly Baby Products

One of the key problems with today’s baby products is that most of them have a short lifespan. Most products are made of unsustainable materials like plastics, which break easily, don’t degrade, and often cannot be recycled. As soon as the child outgrows the product, it becomes useless. It only exists to take up space — and too often, it’s sent to a landfill. 

At Abiie, we want our products to be not only user-friendly for the parent and comfortable for the child, but also reduce our carbon footprint. Sustainable baby products like our Beyond Junior Y Chair are made of sustainable beech wood, which is biodegradable, ethically sourced, and recyclable. Beech is also inherently durable, and when properly cared for, beechwood furniture can last for many years. Abiie also helps our products last by providing replaceable parts so you don’t have to purchase a whole new product.

Rolling hills covered in a pine forest

Protecting the Environment for the Next Generation

As manufacturers and designers, we believe protecting the environment matters. It’s our responsibility as a company to offer products that won’t destroy our earth. We want the children who grow up with our eco-friendly baby products to be able to enjoy a beautiful, healthy planet after they grow out of them. 

When it comes to choosing the material for the wooden baby chair, we select beech wood that comes from a cultivated forest in Europe. We carefully selected this material as a renewable, abundant, and sustainable baby product solution. The forests we harvest from promote a healthy forest life cycle, and for every beech tree that is harvested, several trees are planted. Sustainable forestry practices encourage and promote the natural life cycle of our world to preserve our natural resources for future generations and keep our planet green and healthy.

We sincerely thank our customers for helping support our mission by purchasing eco-friendly baby products. Explore the eco-friendly collection at Abiie.