(Part V) 3-pt / 5-pt Safety Harness- Beyond Junior High Chair
(Part V) 3-pt / 5-pt Safety Harness

(PART V) 3/5 Point High Chair Safety Harness for the Beyond Junior Y High Chair

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Replace Your 3/5 Point High Chair Harness

Our Beyond Junior Y High Chair is easy to customize and replace in case something is lost or damaged or you want an extra part to swap out. Our high-quality modern designs let you easily customize your chair to your preferences, including this handy high chair strap kit. This 3 or 5 point high chair harness can be adjusted to keep even the wiggliest toddler safe and secure while they eat or play.

  • High-quality wooden high chair replacement straps for the Abiie Beyond Junior Y High Chair

Our Mission For Sustainability and Usability

It’s frustrating when you have an otherwise functional item and it’s rendered useless because of a missing or damaged part. It’s not sustainable or economic, and we’re personally tired of it! At Abiie, we’ll do our best to offer easy replacement parts like this 3/5 point high chair harness so you can use your chair throughout a whole childhood (or several).

Perks Of Our Beyond Junior Y High Chair

You’ve never seen a high chair quite like this! This adjustable chair grows with your kid all the way through adulthood. It features EZ-Seat technology, is water-resistant and easy to clean, and has dual restraints for comfy fits. An extra perk: you can find wooden high chair replacement straps and customizable parts here.