(Part V) 3-pt / 5-pt Safety Harness- Beyond Junior High Chair
(Part V) 3-pt / 5-pt Safety Harness

(PART V) 3/5 Point High Chair Safety Harness for the Beyond Junior Y High Chair

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Replace Your 3/5 Point High Chair Harness

Our Beyond Junior Y High Chair is easy to customize and replace in case something is lost or damaged or you want an extra part to swap out. Our high-quality modern designs let you easily customize your chair to your preferences, including this handy high chair strap kit. This 3 or 5 point high chair harness can be adjusted to keep even the wiggliest toddler safe and secure while they eat or play.

  • The restraint system can be adjusted to create a 5-point or 3-point harness, keeping your loved one secure and comfortable.
  • Made of durable nylon, easy to wash and keep clean

Includes one 3/5 point safety harness for the Abiie Beyond Junior Y High Chair

Length shoulder straps 18 inches, Lap straps 14 inches

The best way to clean the harness is to hand wash it. Soak it in warm water first and rinse with tap water. Wipe it with a kitchen towel and let air dry until no longer moist. Time to dry depends on room temperature.

Our Mission For Sustainability and Usability

It’s frustrating when you have an otherwise functional item and it’s rendered useless because of a missing or damaged part. It’s not sustainable or economic, and we’re personally tired of it! At Abiie, we’ll do our best to offer easy replacement parts like this 3/5 point high chair harness so you can use your chair throughout a whole childhood (or several).

Perks Of Our Beyond Junior Y High Chair

You’ve never seen a high chair quite like this! This adjustable chair grows with your kid all the way through adulthood. It features EZ-Seat technology, is water-resistant and easy to clean, and has dual restraints for comfy fits. An extra perk: you can find wooden high chair replacement straps and customizable parts here.

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