(Part T) Crotch Restraint - Beyond Junior High Chair


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Ruby Wrapp Bib

Easily Replace Your High Chair Accessories

This high chair restraint fits at the crotch to secure your child comfortably and safely. Installation and removal is easy and secure with just a single screw.

Abiie® makes it easy for you to modify and replace parts of our Beyond Junior® Y High Chair. We know how much kids try their best to break things sometimes, and we want to further our mission towards sustainability by letting you replace almost every high chair accessory.

  • Includes one black crotch restraint made for the Abiie® Beyond Junior® Y High Chair
  • Accessories - Crotch restraint for Beyond Junior® Y High Chair

Make Your High Chair Last A Generation With Replaceable Parts

Accidents happen: parts get lost, a dog rips something to shreds, or a toddler discovers the wonders of superglue. We get it. That’s why we have a large selection of replaceable high chair accessories and parts so you can keep using your high chair for many years to come. All of our replacement parts are easy to replace and install, even if you’re not a handy person. You’ll love how customizable our high chair is.

The Beyond Junior® Y High Chair And Other Amazing Products

Our first product, our Beyond Junior® Y high chair, has won international awards and recognition for its impeccable modern design, safe and secure comfort, sustainability, and ease of use. Abiie’s Huggs® Baby Carrier and Ruby Wrapp® Bib are two more convenient life improvements that parents love, so if you’re happy with our high chair, be sure to check them out. Thanks for choosing Abiie® baby products!

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