Baby Gear Essentials for Traveling

parent traveling with a baby in a plane

It’s the year of travel–your sister’s wedding, your grandmother’s birthday celebration, and that magical trip to Disney with your little one are all on the agenda. And you can’t wait to make memories with your baby on the road again…and again…and again.

The problem? You already know what your suitcase will need, but you’re not quite sure where to start with your baby’s travel gear. Fortunately, we’ve compiled this guide for what to bring in tow when traveling with young kids.

Here’s a rundown on the most critical gear essentials for traveling with a baby.

Convenient Sleeping Spaces for Traveling with Kids

Some of the best items to bring along when traveling with little kids are sleep sacks or swaddles. These items can make it easier for any baby to get restful sleep when moving from point A to point B. 

A travel tent or travel crib is also a must-have for any parent hitting the road with a little one. Although many Airbnbs and hotels offer portable playpens and sleepers, owning your own travel crib can provide your child with a familiar environment for sleeping no matter how many times you move about.

Comfortable Baby Carrier

Don’t leave home without high-quality baby carriers if you’ll be traveling with young kids. An ergonomic baby carrier with a hip seat design can help keep you and your baby more comfortable for the long haul. 

How a Hip Seat Carrier Works:

Similar to a fanny pack, a hip seat baby carrier wraps around your waist, sitting above your hips. It has a shelf-like seat for your baby, and you stabilize them with your arm as they sit.

Hip seats encourage babies to sit in the “M position”. When babies’ thighs spread around their parent’s torso, their hips angle such that their knees are slightly higher than their bottom. Their thighs and hips are supported by the carrier. From left to right— foot to knee to tailbone to opposite knee, to opposite foot— their legs, hips, and bottom form an “M” shape. This position is recommended by pediatricians to help prevent hip dysplasia. 

And the best baby carriers have multiple options for carrying positions. Every baby, and every parent, is unique, so make sure your baby carrier is adaptable, too. Ideally, carriers for busy, growing families should last beyond the infant stage, so that small children can still bond with their parents in that special way during those early, formative years. 

When looking for a carrier, verify that the product has been put through several safety tests. The carrier also shouldn’t feature harmful substances, like latex, PVC, phthalate, BPA, and lead.

family using a huggs front carrying baby carrier at the beach


Baby Monitoring App

When you’re traveling with kids and it’s naptime or bedtime, be sure to also have on hand a baby monitoring app. This is particularly ideal if your child will be sleeping in another room in an Airbnb or at a friend’s or family member’s home or apartment, for example. With the latest apps, you can easily turn two smartphones or tablet devices into a baby monitor that delivers real-time pictures or video to you. You can easily speak to your baby if needed with the right monitoring solution.

Strollers Designed for Traveling

Travel strollers are also excellent for traveling with kids. Look for lightweight strollers that feature canopies to shield your little ones from the elements, especially when you’ll be exploring the great outdoors at length. Make sure that your chosen stroller is also compact enough for an airplane’s overhead bin if you plan to hit the skies during any of your upcoming trips.

White Noise–Producing Machine

Another essential item for parents who are traveling with kids is a machine that produces white noise for babies. This type of machine can feel like a godsend if you ever stay in a hotel that is louder than expected. For instance, use it if you’re fearful that noise from the street outside of the hotel will cause your sleeping baby to wake up. The machine is effective at replicating your child’s sleep environment while also blocking out excess noise.


how to use a ruby wrapp bibb

Bibs Made for Mobile Meals

When traveling with a baby, bring along your favorite feeding bib. If your baby’s bibs are a little worse for wear, or too delicate for travel, consider upgrading to waterproof bibs. Find silicone bibs that are flexible, food-safe, and adjustable, so your baby can wiggle and squirm to their heart’s content during exciting meals on the go. 

Some baby bibs even feature a built-in pocket for storing utensils after being wrapped. The best feeding bibs will be simple to pack and clean, easy to adjust, and tougher than the toughest mess. Traveling is stressful enough. Something as simple as a soft but sturdy bib can make it a lot easier. 

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