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 Y Chair made of from European cultivated beech wood

Beyond Junior Y wooden high chair is an ultra modern & eco-friendly baby high chair designed to grow with your child from 6 months all the way to adulthood. Its EZ-Seat feature enables quick seat adjustment within 20 seconds.

BabyDeck®, a busy parent can change his/her baby's diaper directly from the seat of the stroller at anytime, anywhere
BabyDeck is a patented stroller comes with built-in diaper changing table. When busy parents needs to change a baby's diaper, BabyDeck lets them completely bypass busy, unsanitary public changing stations by changing the baby directly from the stroller seat.
 snaplite safety light for stroller
Snaplite is designed to keep moms and babies safe outdoors by making them highly visible to incoming vehicles. The snap-on design quickly and easily attaches the safety light to most strollers, infant carriers, ride-on toys, bikes or trailers with NO tools required.
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Beware of any unauthorized sales company or factory attempting to trade the valuable goodwill of the BabyDeck® & Beyond Junior® brands. Abiie LLC owns the patents & trademarks of the above products. Purchase original Abiie products via Abiie authorized retailers, distributors. For Non-US Territory, the channels to purchase or distribute Abiie products are Abiie USA or Abiie Japan.

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