How to use Universal Car Seat Adapter?

Abiie stroller accepts most major brands of infant car seats on market
See Infant Car Seat Compatibilty Chart

1. How to appy Universal Car Seat Adapter to infant car seat?

  • Attaching car seat to the stroller
  • Recline the stroller seat to its lowest position. Fold the canopy.
  • Place car seat on the stroller seat.
  • Pull the “Infant Car Seat Attachment” across the car seat. If the car seat has openings for the car safety
    belt, slip the safety belt through these openings

2. What if the Universal Car Seat Adapter straps are too short for my infant car seat?

Simply remove Universal Car Seat Adapter straps at both left/right side of location A and secure both straps at both side of left/right side of location B. Adjust and make sure the adapter straps hold the infant car seat firmly.


Remove strap on each side


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