1-YEAR Manufacturer Extended Warranty - Beyond Junior High Chair


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Extended Warranty for the Abiie Beyond High Chair

Our Beyond Junior High Chair comes with a limited warranty, but sometimes, parents want a little extra protection. Not only can you extend the life and usefulness of our high chair by purchasing accessories, sets, and replacement parts that allow it to stay like new over the years, but you can also add to the existing warranty.

Go Beyond with the Beyond Junior High Chair

Abiie is well-known for our modern Beyond Junior chair, which can grow along with your child or be passed on from one child to the next. its durability, the ability to buy replacement cushions and backrests, and the option of an extended warranty, you can keep your chair in pristine condition for years to come.

Understanding Your Extended Warranty

When you purchase the One-Year Extended Warranty on your Abiie Beyond High Chair, your additional coverage will start the day after the original warranty expires. It will give you an extension of your protection coverage for one year.

The limited warranty originally attached to the high chair starts either on the day the item is purchased or the date that the product is registered, as long as it’s registered within six months of the original date of purchase.

Filing a claim requires the product's original receipt or invoice, clearly showing the date of purchase and the value of the item. It must be on file with Abiie.

To learn more about the extended warranty and our line of products, please reach out to us!

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