Huggs<sup>®</sup> Baby Carrier Shoulder Pads

Huggs® Baby Carrier Shoulder Pads

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Ruby Wrapp Bib

In a perfect world, teething doesn’t exist. Unfortunately, teething isn’t a stage that you and your on-the-go little one can skip in the real world. You need baby carrier teething pads and accessories that can keep up, and keep your baby comfortable.

That’s why we created baby carrier drool pads just for Huggs®, our one-of-a-kind baby carrier. These baby carrier teething pads are designed to soothe your teething baby as you make your daily rounds with them in tow. Whether you’re out and about at a park, around town, or around the house, the combination of our Huggs® baby carrier drool pads keep both you and Baby comfy and smiling, even during teething.

Babies Love Them

When your child is teething, it’s normal for him to feel fussy, have trouble with sleeping, and feel irritable. However, our teething pads will help to relieve his pain. These soft baby carrier strap covers are plush enough to do triple duty as shoulder pads, teething pads, and baby carrier drool pads. The cloth is also breathable, easy-to-clean, and durable. So, it’s a win-win-win.

Parents Love Them

Comfortable baby carrier accessories that are made to last, and to keep baby calm: that’s enough to give mom and dad peace of mind. Made to fit our Huggs baby carrier, our drool pads will stay put, no matter how active you and Baby are from day to day. They’re free from any harmful substances, so they’re totally safe for Baby’s new little teeth to chomp on.

Since they protect your carrier from your little one’s sucking and chewing, you won’t need to wash your carrier quite as often, saving you time along the way. When it is time for a wash, you can simply clean it in your washing machine using hot water. It’s that easy.

These affordable yet effective little baby carrier drool pads boost Baby’s mood while keeping Huggs in great condition. And no more slippery drool cloths will be dropped or left behind.

Why Order Children’s Products from Abiie®?

At Abiie®, we are excited to offer top-notch and functional products for little ones and their caretakers. Along with our soft Huggs® baby carrier drool pads, we’re proud of our Beyond Junior® Y High Chair, our Ruby Wrapp® Bib, and our Octopod® grip dishes.

We know how to make children’s products up a few notches. Our products maintain a track record of meeting little ones’ needs and exceeding parents’ expectations in terms of their practicality, usability, and appearance. They are also popular due to being ultra eco-friendly.

Although we are based in Austin, Texas, we offer free shipping across the entire contiguous United States (shipping to Hawaii or Alaska comes with a small fee). In addition, we offer a convenient 30-day return policy. Experience the Abiie® difference now by ordering today!

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