The Ultimate Baby Proofing Checklist for Every New Parent

baby girl crawling and smiling

Car seat? Check. 

Bottles? Double check. 

Diapers? Triple check.

But what about baby proofing?

Planning for the arrival of your little one is a multifaceted process, and amid the chaos, it’s easy to overlook the importance of baby proofing your house. In many situations, baby proofing isn’t prioritized until little ones become mobile. However, because this task can be a big undertaking based on your lifestyle and home, the sooner you can perform it, the better.

Here’s the ultimate baby-proofing checklist you need to follow to protect your little one as they become increasingly active in the months ahead.

Baby-Proofing Checklist Should Cover the Kitchen

Many kitchen surfaces are either permanent or bolted down. However, some parts of your kitchen can still be baby proofed. Let’s take a look at how you can safeguard your child at mealtime and in every moment in between with the following kitchen baby-proofing checklist. 

Locks and Stops

For starters, you should install stops or locks on your cabinet doors and drawers. Do the same for your oven door, freezer, refrigerator, and light switches. Your kitchen sink’s cabinet area should especially be locked if you typically store poisons or cleaners there. Consider also putting a lock on your trash can to protect your active little one.

High Chair and Dishware

By the time your child reaches around 4-6 months old, they’ll be ready to start feeding themselves or doing independent activities. This is where a high chair can come in handy. You can also put your little one in a high chair while cooking so that you can keep an eye on them constantly while prepping dinner.

Still, not all high chairs are created equal. To make sure that your child is safe, be sure to purchase a high chair that is safety assured. Specifically, look for a high chair, like the Beyond Junior Y High Chair from Abiie, that complies with the latest safety standards. These include the California Air Resources Board (CARB) Phase 1 & 2 standards, as well as the ASTM F404 and H.R. 4040 standards. In addition, Abiie’s high chair also doesn’t feature any hazardous substances, like BPA, PVC, and phthalate.

Also, when it’s time to eat, serve your child nutritious meals on shatter-resistant children’s dishware. The best dishes are made of silicone or bamboo rather than plastic, as plastic dishes can easily break and crack. In addition, dishes like Abiie’s Octopod Baby Dishware feature suction cups on the bottom, so you don’t have to worry about your child throwing their dish down and causing a mess.

Additional Safety Tips

Another important item on your baby-proofing checklist is to make sure that objects like batteries, magnets, glassware, and dishes are not within your child’s reach. Likewise, keep cutting boards, knives, and small appliances away from your countertop’s edge. Any of these items may hurt your little one if they decide to grab them to play with them. The smaller objects, like batteries, can specifically be a choking hazard.

Childproof covers should go over your oven knobs as well. This will keep your curious little one from accidentally turning your stove on. Also, keep your pan and pot handles turned inward to decrease your child’s chances of developing burns.


 boy reading a book in a high chair


Living Room

No house baby-proofing checklist is complete without a reference to your living area—perhaps the area of your home where your baby will spend most of their time. After all, living rooms often have big items, like furniture and TVs, that can harm children.

To protect your baby in the living room, consider placing a socket cover on each electrical outlet. In addition, consider moving any item that can easily be knocked over, like a lamp, behind a larger piece of furniture. You may also want to double-check to make sure that your home’s smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are also in proper working order.

Finally, you might want to put a non-skid mat under each rug in your living room to avoid tripping hazards.


Another important room to consider when going through a comprehensive home baby-proofing checklist is the baby’s nursery.

As your child becomes more active, make sure that the crib’s slats don’t have more than 2 ⅜ inches between them. This will prevent your child from trying to get out of the crib through the slats and getting their head stuck or injuring themselves. Also, keep your child’s crib away from heaters to avoid a fire.


Your house baby-proofing checklist should also call attention to your stairs if your house has them. Stairs can be hazardous, as your child can easily fall down them when trying to master how to negotiate steps, or when rolling around for fun. To avoid these dangers, put a sturdy child safety gate at the bottom and top of your stairway.


Your bathroom can also be baby proofed in several ways. For instance, your baby-proofing checklist should include locking the drawers as well as the area under your bathroom sink. You also need to lock away hazardous liquids, like cleaning supplies. Consider also unplugging any cords for hair dryers and curling irons so that your child will be less inclined to yank on them and pull them down on their head.


Baby proofing your backyard might seem impossible, especially if your yard is big. However, you can still take several important steps to ensure that your child is safe when playing outside.

For instance, your backyard baby-proofing checklist should ideally include installing a child-safe fence around your pool or putting a cover on the pool to prevent drowning. In addition, inspect your yard for any plants that might be poisonous if ingested or handled, and remove them right away. Additionally, be mindful of ant beds and other insect nests as well as the safety of any insecticides you use to combat them.

Baby Proof Your House with Help from Abiie Today

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