The Ultimate Checklist to a Safe and Fun Summer with Your Baby

holding baby in sunshine near beach

Your beach time is getting an upgrade this summer: You’ll be enjoying baby splashes, giggles, and skin-to-skin time for the first time—a level of beach bliss with your baby that you previously only dreamed of. Just make sure that you have all of the right equipment in tow for your favorite baby’s summer activities.

Before you dive into the summer season with your little one, you’ll need to gather all of the proper baby supplies and accessories. This will make your summer beach trips, park stays, and leisurely strolls that much more enjoyable and safer for your baby—and you.

The question is, what are the top summer baby essentials? Here’s a rundown of all of the items you need to bring with you when doing summer activities for babies.

1. Take an All-Terrain Stroller to Your Outdoor Summer Activities for Babies

Ready to bring your little one on your summer outdoor adventures? Don’t forget to bring an all-terrain stroller with you. The best types of these jogging strollers feature full suspension systems, large cargo baskets, and adjustable handlebars—perfect for those long nature trips.

Be sure to also take along some stroller liners. These products are excellent for keeping little ones cool during the summer months. High-quality ones will increase airflow while also wicking away moisture to keep your baby comfortable on the hottest of days. They also offer the added bonus of keeping your stroller clean.

2. Ruby Wrapp Bib

No list of summer baby essentials would be complete without this innovative bib from Abiie. Whether you’re headed to the park for a picnic or to the beach for a barbecue, you won’t want to leave without a Ruby Wrapp Bib. This bib is easy to fold up and secure for sanitary and compact travel and storage. You can even store utensils in the bib’s built-in pocket after wrapping the bib up.

This bib also stands out for being comfortable and ergonomic for sensitive necks. That’s because the neckband is adjustable, soft, and made of lightweight food-grade silicone. This bib is also waterproof and dishwasher safe, so it’s a breeze to clean after a long day of summer activities for babies.

3. Sunscreen

Sunscreen is another must-have if baby summer activities are on the agenda. Staying away from direct sunlight is best for Baby, but a baby-friendly sunscreen is an exceptional choice for safeguarding your baby’s skin when shade is not an option.

The best baby sunblock products are “broad spectrum” ones, which means they protect against ultraviolet B and A rays. In addition, try to stick to physical sunscreens, also known as mineral sunscreens, whose active ingredient is zinc oxide or titanium dioxide. These sunscreens won’t be absorbed into your baby’s body; instead, they will remain on their skin’s surface. They are especially helpful on sensitive areas of your child’s body, like the tops of their shoulders and ears, their cheeks, and their nose.

woman’s finger pumping sunscreen into hand

4. Sun Hat and Sunglasses

A sun hat and sunglasses are also noteworthy summer baby essentials. Before you embark on baby summer activities, cover your little one’s head with a wide-brimmed cap, like a bucket hat, to protect their head from ultraviolet rays. The wide-brim hat should be large enough to shield their neck’s back area, their head, and their ears. Also, look for a hat with elastic in the back, as this will provide a secure fit.

To keep your babe even more comfortable yet stylish, add some baby sunglasses to the mix, too. These adorable polarized accessories will protect your child’s eyes from ultraviolet exposure levels that can lead to eye damage. This is important because eye damage can cause eye issues like cataracts down the road.

5. Octopod Dishes

As you engage in baby summer activities, like lake day, a night of camping under the stars, or pool time, come prepared for mealtimes on the go with Octopod dishes from Abiie. These octopus-inspired baby plates and bowls feature suction cups that will allow the dishes to stay put on a table or a high chair tray. You can finally say goodbye to frisbee plates and say hello to a cleaner, more enjoyable meal experience wherever your summer adventures take you.

6. Protective Clothing

Before you indulge in summer activities for babies, make sure you have summer clothes for babies to further ensure a safe and fun time in the sun. These summer baby essentials include snap-bottom bodysuits, which will keep your child cool from head to toe. Other summer wardrobe staples for babies include footless pajamas, which will allow your little one’s toes to wiggle freely as you go to and fro this summer.

A rash guard is another excellent piece of clothing to have on hand before you head out on a hot day. With their stretchy and soft fabric construction, these close-fitting tops are especially helpful for long days at the lake or beach. No more worrying about your little one’s delicate skin falling victim to harsh ultraviolet rays, as quality rash guards come with UPF 50+ built-in for ultra-burn protection.

7. Huggs Baby Carrier

Finally, if you plan to do a lot of walking or hiking this summer, make the trip a positive one with a Huggs Baby Carrier from Abiie. This is the best seat on the go for those engaging in summer activities for babies. The carrier’s patented hip seat design will help to prevent hip dysplasia in your child while also providing you with all-day comfort for your back and waist. The seat also comes with a variety of carrying positions for your convenience.

How We Can Help With Your Baby’s Summer Activities 

At Abiie, we take pride in offering high-quality and practical products for summer activities for babies. Our Huggs Baby Carrier, Octopod dishes, Ruby Wrapp Bib, and more, can be shipped for free across the contiguous United States. Upgrade your baby’s summer travel bag by ordering today!

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How safe is the Ruby Wrapp Bib for babies?

These bibs are safety assured, as they don’t contain any harmful substances, like latex, phthalate, lead, PVC, and BPA. They comply with both the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act and Food and Drug Administration standards.

  1. Will the Huggs Baby Carrier be too hot to wear in the summer?

Not at all. This carrier is perfect to use during your baby’s summer activities because it contains a special dual-layer center panel. The outer layer of this center panel folds to provide airflow through three-dimensional mesh, therefore keeping you and your child cool.

  1. Aside from their suction cups, what makes Octopod plates so baby-friendly?

Each of these summer baby essentials comes with three compartments that allow you to perfectly portion your child’s food items. The compartments will also keep your child’s foods from mixing, making it ideal for picky eaters.

  1. What rating should my baby’s sunscreen be?

When doing summer activities for babies, apply an SPF 50 sunscreen to their skin. This product will give your child’s skin 50 times the protection it would experience without sunscreen. Child-friendly SPF 50 sunscreen is available in multiple forms, including lotions, sprays, and even sticks. Sprays are easy to apply to antsy toddlers, but you’ll still have to rub a spray onto their skin to deliver adequate coverage.

  1. Along with stroller liners, what else can I use to keep my baby’s all-terrain stroller cool?

Upgrade your all-terrain stroller with a sturdy stroller fan. This type of fan can come in handy if your climate is super warm or if you plan to be outdoors for extended periods with Baby this summer. Stroller fans with rechargeable batteries and convenient grip-anywhere mounts are an easy way to keep your baby calm, cool, and comfy during the dog days of summer.