Abiie is here to make parenting a little bit easier every day. Whether it’s an adjustable high chair you can clean up in a flash, a silicone bib that doubles as a travel cutlery holder, or a comfy, ergonomic baby carrier that can carry your tot around all day, we’re constantly trying to reinvent the standard for innovative baby products. At Abiie, you can enjoy sustainability, meticulous quality, and comfort for both you and your little one. Explore our inventive gear and learn why so many parents are loving Abiie’s baby equipment.

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Chair Leg Cap (4pcs)
$10.95 USD
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Octopod® Silicone Suction Triangle Plate - Lids
$15.90 USD
4 Reviews
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Octopod® Silicone Suction Triangle Plate
$14.90 USD
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Cushion SET (OLIVE) - Beyond Junior® High Chair
$39.95 USD
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The Beyond Junior® Y Wooden High Chair

Many of you may have heard of Abiie for our sustainable, easy-to-use high chairs. These creative chairs will stay comfortable and adjustable for your child from 6 months old through adulthood! This chair is made with sustainable beechwood with care and quality, like all of our baby equipment. Since the launch of the Beyond Junior® Y, we’ve grown into one of the most popular creators of innovative baby products on the market. Keep up with us and see what we come up with next!

Find The Perfect Gift for New Parents

Whether you’re here for products that help your own little one or you’re hunting for the perfect baby shower gift for expecting parents, our team is here to help. We can help you find the right replacement parts, high chairs, carriers, and more for yourself or any parent in your life. Our handy, high-quality baby equipment will stand the tests kids put them through, making parenting a little bit easier every day. If you ever have any questions, feel free to contact us and we’ll help you out anytime.

Make Mealtime Easy with Octopod

Here’s the truth: babies are messy. Every parent has had an incident where their little one decides that their lunch would be better on the ground. That’s why Abiie designed an entirely new series of baby equipment: the Octopod dishes. Made in a variety of fun shapes with either bamboo or food-safe silicone, these dishes have suction cups added to the base that secure them to your high chair tray or table. This gives your child their own dish while also preventing them from creating another mess.


1. How can you tell if baby equipment is safe?

Innovative baby products like our Beyond Junior® Y High Chair and Huggs Baby Carrier contain no harmful substances, such as BPA, phthalate, and PVC. They also comply with multiple industry standards, like the ASTM F404 and H.R. 4040 standards.

2. What do the best baby bibs have to offer?

Must-have baby bibs are waterproof, easy-clean, lightweight, and made of a food-safe material like silicone. They are also effective and convenient. For instance, our Ruby Wrapp Bibs feature our BIB-LOCK, which creates a secure pocket for your child’s utensils when the bib is folded. This makes carrying the bib with you a cinch wherever your destination might be.

3. When should a baby carrier be used?

Baby equipment like our Huggs Baby Carrier with its patented hipbelt are wonderful to use if you want to go hiking with your little one. Some parents use carriers only when their children are small (from newborn to 6 months old), whereas others continue to utilize them during their children’s toddler years. If your child is under 3-6 months old and doesn’t have great control of their neck yet, wear your carrier on your front and facing inward only.