Pediatric Care with High Chairs

Using Our High Chairs as Pediatric Equipment

Many Abiie® customers come from medical backgrounds and love using our products in their practice. We've heard countless times that our adjustable wooden high chairs can be used as pediatric chairs to help make their practice easier every day.

If you’re a practitioner looking for convenient, easy-clean pediatric equipment, explore the benefits of our Beyond Junior® Y High Chair and see if it’s right for you.

EZ-Seat Accommodates All Sizes

Pediatricians have told us that they love how easily adjustable our Beyond Junior® Y High Chairs are when used as pediatric chairs. When you have multiple patients of varying sizes, it makes it much easier when you can adjust all aspects of the seat size to accommodate patients of all ages, rather than relying on multiple chairs.

Anti-Microbial Sterilization

Pediatric equipment has to be clean and sterile, and our advanced wood sterilization fits the bill. We used pressure-assisted, high-temperature sterilization on all the beech wood materials we use for its construction. Our chair complies with the highest legal safety standards and contains no harmful substances like BPA or PVC.

Dual Restraint Systems for Safety

Our seat and restraint design provides ideal support for children with mobility difficulties or problems sitting still. Our dual restraints can be switched from a 5-point to 3-point harness. The seat and restraints are very comfortable and ergonomic while also providing the snug stability that you need to feed and care for them.

Cleaning Made Simple

Parents and pediatricians alike love how easy it is to clean our high chair! The cushion is waterproof and easy to wipe down, the tray can be placed in the dishwasher, and the chair can be taken apart in multiple easy ways for fast cleaning. No more hassle cleaning up after messy kids!