(Part O-RED)  Cushion Seat- RASPBERRY RED - Beyond Junior High Chair


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Ruby Wrapp Bib

Raspberry Pink Cushion Seat Pads for Abiie’s Famous Baby High Chair

Pamper your little one with this modern cushion to create the look of a pink wooden high chair. The cushion is a comfortable raspberry pink EVA material that's easy to clean and 100% free of harmful materials. Easily switch up your cushions anytime using our puzzle lock design to create a stunning, personalized mealtime space for you and your child. As always, this cushion is guaranteed safe, so your only concern is choosing which color suits you best!

  • Easy to Clean — Wipe up spills and messes in no time! Water-resistant, squishy and comfortable high chair pads and cushions that are easy to maintain.
  • Baby-Friendly Materials — 100% non-toxic Ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) that is used commonly in many baby products.
  • Interchangeable — Just like the original cushion set, replacement cushions are easily attached with our puzzle lock design.
  • Safety Guaranteed — This cushion complies with ASTM F404-10 standards, H.R. 4040, and California Air Resources Board (CARB) Phase 1 and 2. There are no harmful substances used such as BPA, phthalate, or PVC.

Includes one bottom and one top high chair cushion for the Abiie® Beyond Junior® Y High Chair

Box Dimensions:-

  • 18*12*3 inch

Avoid extreme heat (direct sunlight, hot weather outdoors, or hot water) and excessive moisture (such as by soaking in water) as it could damage the product. The best way to clean the high chair is by using a damp cloth with mild soap. The cushion is surface-wash only.

RaspBerry Red - Cusion Backrest

Innovative Design Meets the Exceptional Durability Parents Love

Add our durable baby high chair seat pads to go with your Abiie® high chair and customize your mealtime set up with our sophisticated and modern designs. The Beyond Junior® Y High Chair’s sleek design can transition from infancy to later stages of development, and this cushion seat is crafted with premium materials to ensure that it will offer security and comfort as your little one grows. Its smooth, modern aesthetic subtly complements your space as well as your child’s growing personality. Complete your mealtime set up with our Ruby Wrapp® Bibs and Octopod® Grip Dishes!

Our Products Put Safety First

We understand the importance of safety when it comes to products for your children. We craft our cushions with baby-friendly materials and ensure that they are always free from harmful substances, such as phthalate, BPA, and PVC. Rest assured they meet multiple safety standards and requirements, including ASTM F404 and H.R. 4040 standards, in addition to California Air Resources Board (CARB) Phase 1 & 2. Our cushions combine maximum comfort with maximum safety!

Experience Abiie’s Commitment to Quality

At Abiie®, we take pride in our products and design each one to stand the test of time in style, safety, and durability. With multiple adaptable options and accessories for our products that grow with your little ones, we hope to accommodate your family’s lifestyle as you go. Try us out today and take advantage of our free shipping across the contiguous US!

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