10 Best Holiday Gifts for New Parents

mom looking down at baby

Your favorite couple will soon be decking the halls, dreaming of going on sleigh rides, and building their version of Frosty the Snowman. But this year, a third person will be along for the ride: their newborn child.

Their new addition is sure to make their yuletide season even more wonderful. But that won’t come without some sleepless nights and stress-filled days.

The great news? Those friends have you in their lives this Christmas, and you can easily lighten their load with the right holiday gifts. The best new parent Christmas gifts will meet the needs of both the parents and their little bundle of joy. Let’s explore the 10 best holiday gifts for new parents in 2023.

1. New Parent Christmas Gifts Include a High Chair

No new parents’ kitchen table would be complete without a quality high chair. Look for a high chair that will grow with your friends’ little one, like the Abiie® Beyond Junior® Y High Chair. This chair features a unique EZ-Seat design that will allow your friends to quickly adjust the seat in under 20 seconds to accommodate their growing child. Their little one can still use the chair when they’re not so little anymore: It’ll fit them even in adulthood.

2. Insulated Food Holder

Insulated food holders are some of the top Christmas gifts for new parents who are constantly on the go with their little ones. The best holders have two walls to keep oatmeal hot and fruits like strawberries cold for Baby. Your friends will appreciate these holders’ ability to keep foods at their ideal temperatures for 5-7 hours whether they’re headed to the beach or the park.

3. Baby Carrier

Baby carriers also make excellent new parent Christmas gifts. Carriers like Abiie’s Huggs® Baby Carrier will keep your friends and their baby happy. Abiie’s carrier features an ergonomic design that allows a child to sit in an “M” position with their legs, bottom, and hips. This will help prevent hip dysplasia. The carrier also comes with a crisscross strap design versus a traditional two-strap design to save the parent’s back.

4. Smart Sleep Monitor

Don’t overlook a smart sleep monitor with a video camera as you search for the best holiday gifts for new parents. Choose one whose camera can be attached to the wall so your friends can see their child’s entire room. They may even be able to download a mobile phone application to keep an eye on their child’s sleep cycles and communicate with them.

5. Silicone Bibs

Silicone bibs are among the best Christmas gifts for new parents since every new parent will need them at some point. They won’t go to waste. Not all bibs are created equal, though. Choose silicone bibs from companies like Abiie®. Silicone bibs are sturdy, versatile, simple to clean, and hypoallergenic (they likely won’t cause allergic reactions). Abiie’s silicone bibs are especially popular because they have patented BIB-LOCK and EZ-Wrap features for sanitary and compact travel. The new parents in your life can wrap up the bibs after their little ones are finished eating and store their utensils in the bibs’ built-in pockets.

A happy baby wearing a tan Ruby Wrapp Silicone Bib from Abiie

6. Neck and Back Massager

Every parent navigating Christmas with a new baby deserves a massager. Add one to your collection of new parent Christmas gifts for family and friends. The best neck and back massagers will move your loved one’s muscles using a circular motion while applying force to them. Heat may also be applied to further relax the tissue. It’s the ideal gift for relieving sore muscles stemming from overnight breastfeeding.

7. Suction Dishes

Baby with a pink Octopod suction dish from Abiie

Surprise your friends with suction dishes this holiday season. These are a must-have for anyone seeking new parent Christmas gifts for kids 6 months of age. Abiie® offers suction bowls and plates designed to stay put on even the most lively eater’s high chair tray. This eliminates food frisbees, making cleanup easier for busy new parents. Abiie’s dishes each come with three compartments, too. It’s the perfect choice for picky eaters who don’t like their foods mixing.

8. Baby Homemade Food Maker

Consider giving your friends a homemade food maker for Baby. Food makers are among the top holiday gifts for new parents who enjoy making versus buying purees. They’ll be able to expose their little one to a wide variety of fruits and vegetables, like butternut squash, carrots, and sweet potatoes.

9. Journal

Journals are also splendid new parent Christmas gifts, as they’ll help your friends stay organized daily. A quality journal can help them make sense of their busy lives with a newborn. Look for a journal whose prompts will allow them to express what makes them feel satisfied, why they might feel anxious, and what they look forward to each morning or night. It’s the ideal reflective way to start or finish any day.

10. Sleep Mask

Give your favorite new parents well-made sleep masks to make getting some shuteye easier. These holiday gifts for new parents may help them more easily sleep when their baby sleeps in the afternoon. Choose masks that work well for sensitive skin to prevent skin irritation.

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