Best Food Containers For Traveling With Babies and Toddlers

baby using Octopod plate

Hundreds of miles lie between you and your holiday destination, which means you’ll be eating on the road. Burgers and fries from the drive-thru will work for you, but your little one needs a special on-the-go meal made just for them, and breast milk or formula is no longer enough to keep them satisfied.

Don’t worry. Feeding your wee one on the road can be a breeze when you have the right dishes on hand. Quality containers will keep your child’s food secure with every mile while allowing them to enjoy their favorite “comfort foods” when miles from home.

Let’s explore the best baby food storage containers for traveling with toddlers and babies, including what features to look for in these road-ready food storage solutions.

Best Baby Food Storage Containers Include Plates With Lids

Treat your traveling toddler to the same lunches and dinners they enjoy at home with a plate with a lid, like Abiie’s® Octopod® Silicone Suction Triangle Plate featuring a lid. Let’s take a peek at why this is one of the best baby food storage containers for traveling with toddlers and babies.

Suction Cups

Abiie’s® triangle plate offers reliable suction due to the octopus-like suction cups on the bottom of the plate. The plate is designed to stick to your little one’s high chair or a table if you plan to eat at a restaurant while traveling. This means you can kiss dinnertime plate frisbees goodbye! Even an animated eater is no match for the suction plate: They may test you by trying to toss their peas, but the plate will never leave the table or feeding tray in front of them. 

Don’t forget to cover your child’s clothes in a high-quality bib like Abiie’s® Ruby Wrapp® Silicone Bib, which works perfectly for traveling families. The bib’s patented BIB-LOCK and EZ-Wrap folds and secures the bib for sanitary and compact storage and travel. You can even store utensils in the bib’s built-in pocket after wrapping the bib up.


The best baby food storage containers for your on-the-road little ones come with lids so you can save your child’s leftovers for later. Abiie’s® triangle plates with lids are ideal for storing any leftover items and keeping them fresh, whether they’re snacks or prepared meals.

Divided Plate Design

Look for a travel-friendly child’s plate with divided sections as you explore the best baby food storage containers for traveling with toddlers and babies. This is where Abiie’s® plates shine: They each feature three sections that can hold various foods separately so different textures won’t interact. This may inspire picky eaters to try new items they otherwise wouldn’t dig into and ultimately promote balanced, nutritious eating for your baby. Excellent on-the-go meal options for plates with lids include grilled cheese sandwiches, Swedish meatballs, and rice and beef enchiladas.

Bowls With Lids

No list of the best baby food storage containers would be complete without bowls with lids, which Abiie® also offers. Abiie’s® Octopod® Silicone Baby Suction Bowl comes with the same suction cups found on the suction plates, so you can trust it to remain in place all meal long. Use the accompanying lid to preserve your child’s leftovers with ease when moving from Point A to Point B.

Excellent foods to store in your child’s suction bowl with a lid include fresh diced vegetables and fruits, macaroni and cheese, scalloped potatoes, oatmeal, yogurt, dry cereal, and chicken or broccoli cheddar soup.

Octopod triangle plates best baby food storage containers

Other Qualities To Look For in the Baby Food Storage Containers

The best baby food storage containers for traveling with toddlers and babies come with more than just lids and suction cups. They come with several other featured designs to enhance your child’s overall mealtime experience. Let’s explore the top qualities to search for in your child’s travel-ready storage solutions. 


Choose plates and bowls in various colors to keep your child excited at mealtime. Popular colors for little ones include lavender, pastel yellow, turquoise, and sage green. Empower your child by allowing them to pick their favorite dish hues for the road, and use the dishes as an opportunity to teach your child their colors every time they chow down.

Ease of Maintenance

The best baby food storage containers are dishwasher safe, making post-mealtime cleanup a breeze. Abiie’s® plates and bowls can easily be washed in the dishwasher or by hand, and they’re also oven and microwave-safe — perfect for quickly heating your child’s meals when needed.

Remember to wash your bowls and plates before using them for the first time to remove any debris. Avoid using abrasive cleaning products, which may scratch the dishes. You should also keep your child’s dishes away from any sharp objects to prevent damage and store the dishes in a dry, cool place to preserve them for years to come.


Quality food containers for traveling little ones are safe for babies to eat from. For instance, Abiie’s® plates and bowls with lids are free of toxins like lead, PVC, phthalates, and BPA, conforming to all European and US children’s safety standards. These products are also made of safe silicone, so you don’t have to worry about chemicals leaking into your baby’s food.

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