Celebrating Halloween As a New Family

 baby staring at a jack-o-lantern

“Trick or treat, smell my feet, give me something good to eat!” Your little one can’t say those words quite yet, but they’ll soon be shouting those words in between candy-fueled giggles. You might as well get them started now by incorporating them into all of your family’s Halloween festivities.

You might be wondering how to celebrate Halloween as a new family, though. For instance, will a baby carrier go over Halloween costumes for new parents, and How can you make the experience a sweet, fun, and stress-free experience for both you and Baby? 

Let’s explore the top ways to celebrate Halloween with a newborn.

1. Keep Newborn’s Halloween Costume Simple

One of the most exciting parts of Halloween (besides the candy!) is dressing up to go trick-or-treating. You and your significant other have enjoyed showing up to Halloween parties as Ken and Barbie, Fred and Wilma Flintstones, and even Mario and Luigi. Now, you have an infant in the mix, so look for new parents’ Halloween costumes that come with matching outfits for little ones. The three of you can become the next Alvin, Simon, and Theodore; the three little pigs; or even Curly, Larry, and Moe. Just make sure your newborn Halloween costumes aren’t too elaborate. The fewer accessories your baby’s costume has, the more likely they’ll be happy and comfortable wearing it.

Baby Carrier for Halloween Night

When it’s time to hit up the neighborhood for sweet treats, don’t forget to wear your newborn’s baby carrier over your Halloween costume. Your child can’t eat candy yet, but they’ll enjoy being part of the festivities in the meantime.

The best baby carrier for your Halloween costume is a hip carrier, like Abiie’s Huggs Baby Carrier. This hipseat carrier will make Halloween night with a newborn easier by keeping your child in a comfortable, healthy sitting position while also giving you multiple carrying position options designed to provide the best ergonomics. Plus, if your child falls asleep while in tow, the carrier’s adjustable hood will support their head as they drift off to dreamland.

2. Throw a Newborn Halloween Party

Do you have other new parents in your circle? Throw a party for the entire gang! Chances are your friends are searching for a way to make Halloween fun with their little ones too, so host a neighborhood baby-friendly costume party. Be sure to have spooky mocktails and candy bars for the adults, as well as the perfect ghoulish treats for the babies, like applesauce pouches and fruit (e.g., bananas, mangoes, berries, oranges).

Baby Dishware for Halloween Night

Serve the babies’ treats on ergonomic baby plates like Abiie’s Octopod baby dishes, which come with three compartments for treats, snacks, and meals. These compartments make it easy to add perfectly portioned foods to a child’s plate without mixing them, which any picky eater will love. These dishes also include sturdy suction cups, which will keep the dishes stationary for even your animated eaters. That means even your most daring baby partygoers won’t be able to fling their plates and create a mess for you to clean up.

3. Visit a Halloween Activity in Your Town

Another way to spend Halloween with a newborn is to participate in a child-friendly Halloween movie screening, a family-friendly Halloween festival, or a trunk-or-treating event at your local church or school. Your little one may enjoy witnessing activities like pumpkin carving and watching Frankenweenie for the first time. These events are a safe way to introduce your child to Halloween without having to take them trick-or-treating door to door. They’re also a wonderful way to meet other Halloween-loving community members with newborns like yours.

Bibs for Halloween Night

If the newborn-friendly Halloween shindig you’re attending will involve eating, bring a couple of bibs along for the festivities. A silicone bib like Abiie’s Ruby Wrapp bib is an excellent choice since it’s travel friendly, light, comfortable, and 100% waterproof. You can fold the bib into a convenient space-saving size. This bib also comes with a large pouch for storing baby utensils. The Ruby Wrapp bib is ergonomic — another bonus — as it’s designed to move with your child while remaining secure.

halloween newborn in a high chair

4. Get Crafty for All Hallows’ Eve

Yet another way to celebrate Halloween with a newborn is to do crafts with your child. Bring in the spooky season by making salt dough, using it to create handprint decorations, and painting the decorations like your favorite Halloween characters, like witches and ghosts.

To make the dough, mix plain flour (two cups), salt (one cup), and water (one cup).

High Chair for Halloween Night

little girl in pumpkin dress on high chair


Need the ideal surface for your Halloween crafts? Invest in a high-quality high chair, like Abiie’s Beyond Junior Y High Chair. The high chair’s EZ-Seat technology makes the seat simple to adjust in fewer than 20 seconds and easy to clean. The best part? Your child will never outgrow it. It’s designed to hold anyone from 6 months to adulthood: Just remove the footrest and tray as your child grows older.

Prepare for Halloween With Your Newborn at Abiie

Whether you’re looking for a baby carrier for your Halloween costume, waterproof bibs, or more, we’ve got you covered at Abiie. Our innovative, high-quality products will make your and your newborn’s Halloween night a success by keeping you feeling clean, comfortable, and festive. We also have a broad library of replacement parts and accessories so you can enjoy using our products for years to come.

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