Essential Baby Gear for New Parents

baby laughing in a high chair

Your new bundle of joy will soon make their arrival, and you’re ecstatic about meeting your mini me. At the same time, you realize that the responsibility that comes with caring for a newborn is anything but mini.

You can’t help but to ask, “What newborn gear essentials should I invest in?” And “How do I choose the best options for Baby?”

It’s natural for you to feel a bit overwhelmed as a parent-to-be, as your little one will fully depend on you for their every need. The great news? We’re here to make the transition to parenthood easier by pointing you to several new parent must-haves.

Here’s a rundown on the top newborn gear essentials you need to keep your newborn baby’s world as comfortable, happy, and safe as possible.

New Parent Must-Haves Include High-Quality High Chair

One of the best ways to simplify your life with a new little one is to invest in a top-quality high chair. You can introduce the chair to your child when they turn 4-6 months old. High chairs are new parent must-haves because they eliminate the need to hold Baby while feeding them. Plus, it will promote your child’s independence at mealtime—something you’ll both embrace in the years ahead.

A Versatile High Chair Option

The best high chair option available in the market today is Abiie’s Beyond Junior Y High Chair, which earned the National Parenting Publications Awards Gold Award. This chair stands out for its ability to “grow” with your child thanks to its patented EZ-Seat design. The unique design of the chair allows you to quickly adjust the seat in less than 20 seconds to fit your child at each stage of their life. This means your child can use the chair from infancy to adulthood.

An Eco-Friendly and Safe High Chair Option

Beyond Junior Y High Chairs are also perfect for today’s environmentally conscious family, as they are made of durable, recyclable, and biodegradable beechwood from Europe’s sustainable forests. These new parent must-haves are perfect for safety-conscious families, too, as they contain no harmful substances, like PVC, phthalate, and BPA.

Top-Tier Baby Carrier

No arsenal of new parent must-haves is complete without a well-designed baby carrier as well. Babywearing using a carrier offers several benefits, such as encouraging healthy emotional and mental development in your little one. It will also benefit your child physically by massaging their abdomen. This will promote smooth digestion and prevent hip dysplasia as well as other physical abnormalities that babies can develop when they spend too much time on their bellies or backs. You’ll also appreciate the baby carrier, as it will make it easier to complete tasks while tending to your little one.

Hip-Supporting Baby Carrier

Huggs Baby Carriers from Abiie are especially popular new parent must-haves because they are designed to wrap around the wearer’s waist and sit above the hips. Your little one will then sit on the carrier’s shelf-like baby seat, and you can keep them stable with your arms. This design will encourage your child’s bottom, hips, and legs to remain in an “M” position, which pediatricians recommend to keep your child from developing hip dysplasia.

Carrier with Several Carrying Positions

With Abiie’s Huggs Baby Carrier, you can also carry your child in a variety of positions. All babies and parents are unique, so it only makes sense to invest in an adaptable carrier. This carrier is designed to last beyond your child’s infant years, as even small kids can still be carried around in them. This means you can enjoy bonding with your child in a special way for years to come with the Huggs carrier.

A dad carrying a baby in the Huggs Baby carrier

Innovative Baby Bib

When your child is ready to practice feeding themselves, you’ll need a reliable bib to catch their messes. So, be sure to have plenty on hand when your child begins to self-feed at 4 months old. Having one of these new parent must-haves that is designed for travel is especially important if you plan to hit the road with your little one regularly.

Bib That’s Perfect for Traveling Families

Abiie’s Ruby Wrapp Bib is the best bib to use anytime and anywhere. The bib features a patented BIB-LOCK that creates a pocket for holding utensils when you’re on the go. All you have to do is wrap up your child’s bib and baby utensils, then tuck them in your diaper bag, suitcase, or hiking backpack depending on what’s on the agenda.

Comfort from the First to the Last Bite

The Ruby Wrapp Bibs are more than just travel friendly: They’re also ergonomic. These newborn gear essentials are comfortable, are light, and will move with your child while remaining secure at mealtime. The bib also features an adjustable neckband with a snap-in button design. You can easily adjust it as your child grows.

Child-Friendly Dishware

Finally, you’ll want to have child-friendly dishes on hand for mealtime with your little one as they begin to feed themselves at around 4 months old. These new parent must-haves will allow your child to safely and conveniently participate in mealtime with the family.

Safety and Cleanliness

Abiie’s Octopod Baby Dishware includes suction bowls and plates made of bamboo or silicone. These dishes are free of PVC, plastic, and BPA, which dramatically reduces your child’s risk of experiencing related health problems. In addition, the octopus-inspired suction cups will keep the dishes in place on your child’s high chair tray. That means no more worrying about your child’s plate becoming a mess-causing frisbee!


Octopod baby plates from Abiie feature three compartments each. This will allow you to give your child various healthy foods in the perfect portions. Plus, the food won’t touch, which any picky eater will appreciate.

Shop for the Top New Parent Must-Haves at Abiie Today

At Abiie, we take pride in offering top-quality, innovative newborn gear essentials. From our Beyond Junior Y High Chair to our Octopod Baby Dishware, our products are designed to stand the test of time and make life easier for both you and Baby. Shop now for these new parent must-haves!