Fun in the High Chair: Fun Activities For Babies

baby in high chair smiling at his mom

Your to-do list feels miles long, and there doesn’t seem to be enough time in the day to tick all the boxes. Add entertaining your baby to the mix all day long and getting through your list seems impossible.

Don’t fret. Keeping your child entertained while you handle urgent tasks around the house is easy — and no, it doesn’t have to involve screen time. Bypass the tablet and TV, and stick to one of the best solutions for keeping your child stimulated healthily: their high chair.

High chair fun is an excellent way to keep your little one entertained, create adorable memories, and give yourself some much-needed downtime during the day. Let’s explore the top high chair activities for wee ones.

1. Paint Time

Is your little one the next Pablo Picasso? Find out by incorporating painting into your list of top high chair activities for your little one. Both water painting and yogurt painting are excellent high chair play ideas for your budding artist.

For watercolor painting, your child will need construction paper in their favorite colors, a small bowl of water, and a children’s paintbrush. They’ll be fascinated to see their papers change shades while painting. Remember to tape the paper to your child’s high chair feeding tray so they don’t throw it, and wet the paintbrush for your child if you think they won’t keep the bowl of water on the tray.

Elevate your child’s “painting” experience by replacing the water with Greek yogurt. Using yogurt will make your child’s painting time a little messier but a whole lot more fun. Add one drop of yellow food coloring to a bowl of vanilla yogurt, and let your child add one drop of blue coloring to the bowl and watch the mix change to green. It’s an excellent way to teach them their colors.

2. Play With Your Food (This Time!)

Give your child an opportunity to do the one thing they’re usually not allowed to do: play with their food. One of the best high chair activities is introducing foods with different textures for them to experiment with. Let your child squish frozen corn or peas with their fingers or roll them around their feeding tray. Another fun food-related activity involves stringing macaroni noodles on a 12-inch-long piece of yarn, which will help them develop their fine motor skills.

3. Add a Little Color

Coloring on construction paper is one of the best high chair activities, as it will further hone your child’s fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, hand strength, and visual perception. Give your child jumbo crayons, as they’ll be more difficult to break and easier to hold. Consider taping their paper to their feeding tray to keep it stationary. Let them use stencils while coloring to add fun designs to their drawings.

4. Tickle Your Taste Buds

No list of the top high chair activities would be complete without eating — the primary use for the majority of high chairs. Surprise your child with their favorite finger foods, like cooked apples or diced grapes, or think outside the box by creating edible sand — a delicious treat they’ll never forget. All you’ll need is sugar, nuts, cookies, or crackers. Use a food processor or rolling pin to break your desired food into crumbs. Then, let your child dig in!

Remember to use a high-quality, easy-to-clean silicone bib, like Abiie’s® Ruby Wrapp® bib, to protect your child’s clothes and make cleanup after meals a breeze. Don’t forget to also take advantage of children’s dishes featuring suction cups, like Abiie’s® Octopod® Silicone Suction Triangle Plate and triangle plates with lids. The suction cups will keep the dishes secure on your child’s high chair tray, making mealtime cleaner, particularly if you have a lively eater.


baby giving their mom a high five while in a high chair

5. Ice, Ice, Baby

Introduce your child to cubed or crushed ice as they sit in their high chair. High chair activities involving ice are some of the best high chair play ideas since ice can offer an excellent sensory experience. Your child can explore various sensations, temperatures, and textures while holding, squeezing, and touching the ice.

6. Start Some Sticky Business

Looking for a high chair activity that may make your child giggle time and time again? Give them some used sticky notes and let them post them all over their high chair tray. Fun with stickers is also one of the top high chair play ideas: The stickers will go on their chair rather than your kitchen cabinets or walls.

7. Play With Pom-Poms

Parents seeking easy high chair activities love pom-pom play for their little ones. Add several pom-poms to a wish and let your child practice pulling them out. It’s one of the best high chair play ideas for keeping your child engaged and focused for extended periods. Another fun pom-pom play idea involves letting your toddler sort several of these balls by size or color. You can also let your child soak a few pom-poms in water, practice transferring them from one bowl to another using a spoon, or glue several to pieces of construction paper for a refrigerator-worthy work of art.

8. Add a Little Dough

Kids love Play-Doh, so don’t forget to add this to your list of high chair activities for your mini-me. They’ll enjoy creating shapes and objects, usually Play-Doh, especially if given cookie cutters for the activity.

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