Parents: Date Night

man and woman lying beside baby

Before Baby arrived, you and your spouse’s conversations zeroed in on the newest local cafe’s yummy honey-glazed carrots, the latest show on Netflix, and how tired you felt after getting just five hours of sleep. Fast-forward to today and your conversations have taken a drastic turn. These days, you talk about your little one’s carrot puree. You can’t remember the last time you stayed awake on a Netflix show. And you’re jealous your partner got three hours of uninterrupted sleep last night. Three full hours.

Sounds like you’re overdue for a little R&R and fun, aka parents’ date night.

Don’t have a babysitter picked out just yet? Don’t worry: Many of the best date night ideas for new parents don’t have to exclude your little one. You can easily bring your child along for the ride and enjoy making memories with the two loves of your life.

In this blog, the first of our new blog series — “New Parents” — we’ll explore the top date night ideas for new parents in 2023.

Date Night Ideas for New Parents: Have Fun With Fondue

When was the last time you had a chance to indulge in bread and melted cheese? If you can’t remember, you and your partner are long past due for a 1970s flashback date night at your favorite local fondue restaurant. 

Tight on coins? Forego the fancy restaurant and sitter and create a fondue date night right at home. Fondue at home is one of the best date night ideas for new parents since you can dive right into your crusty bread and Swiss cheese after your little one has gone to sleep. Just don’t forget to top off your romantic night with some chocolate fondue, too! #sweet

fondue Swiss cheese and bread

Create an Indoor Picnic

The best date night ideas for new parents also include creating an indoor picnic for you and your significant other. This is another date night that works well at home if you can’t snag a sitter.

To make your date night feel special, roll out a cozy blanket on the floor in your living room once Baby has retired for the night (or for a few hours anyway). Then, prepare your favorite dish with your spouse. Add some Marvin Gaye to the background and you’ll have a sizzling, sexy picnic for two. Don’t feel like cooking? Simply order your favorite meals, pour your favorite wine, and light a few candles. This is an easy way to enjoy an intimate and special parents’ date night regularly.

What if your little one wakes up during your date? Treat them to their favorite foods, too, ranging from sweet potato to apple puree. As they dig in, be sure to keep them clean with Abiie’s food-grade-silicone Ruby Wrapp Bib, which is 100% waterproof and comfortable for sensitive necks. It’ll make your post-picnic cleanup a breeze!

Go for a Romantic Stroll

Going on a romantic walk is another one of the best date night ideas for new parents in 2023. Even if you don’t have a sitter, your little one would be glad to accompany you and your significant other on your walk. Carry them around in a quality baby carrier, like the Abiie Huggs Baby Carrier, which is designed to protect your baby’s hips while also providing you with all-day comfort for your back and waist.

To make your stroll extra romantic, don’t forget to hold hands with your love. The moment will rekindle memories of your first few dates whether they were back in high school or just a couple of years ago. You’ll fall in love with your spouse all over again, and this time, your little one will be there to witness the sparks fly.

Make Date Night All Fun and Games

Perhaps you and your significant other like engaging in friendly competition. Plan a game night with each other. This is another one of the top date night ideas for new parents since it doesn’t require a night out. Just order a pizza and dig up those board games. Monopoly marathon? Yes, please. If you’re interested in spicing things up, play a game of frisky Twitter. The winner gets a massage.

Muse at the Museum

No list of date night ideas for new parents would be complete without mentioning a museum or gallery trip. If you and your significant other love art (and not just your child’s finger paintings), plan to visit one of these sites on a night when they have extended hours. You can even carry Baby along if you wish. Enjoy gazing at professional art as you sip a cocktail during your next parents’ date night.

Sharpen Your Chef Skills

Have you always wanted to learn how to cook like a Michelin-star chef? Plan a cooking class for your next date night. This is one of the top date night ideas for new parents who enjoy cooking but haven’t had much time to whip up more than instant macaroni and cheese lately. Expand your culinary skills by learning how to create delectable sushi, Thai, French, and Italian dishes. You’ll instantly be re-inspired to do more in the kitchen moving forward.

Be a Bird Watcher

Another one of the best date night ideas for new parents includes bird watching if you and your spouse love nature. Schedule an evening trip to your area’s wildlife conservancy before sunset. Then, enjoy watching the sun go down as you engage in a romantic game of who can identify the most bird species.

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