Ruby Wrapp Bibs: The Best Silicone Bib

a baby wearing the best silicone bib

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner aren’t just mealtimes to your baby: They’re little messy adventures sprinkled throughout their day. Your baby’s cloth, stained bibs — the ones that lived to tell the tale — speak for themselves.

But did you know that stained bibs and messy clothes don’t have to be in your baby’s future?

Our Ruby Wrapp Bibs at Abiie are designed to make mealtime cleaner, more convenient, and more enjoyable for your baby — and you. Here’s a rundown on why the Ruby Wrapp Bib is the best silicone bib for babies.

Best Silicone Bib Features

The Ruby Wrapp Bib is 100% waterproof, making it perfect for both toddlers and infants. This bib is unique in that it features a big front pocket designed to catch spills and solid food. This is one of the features that makes it the best silicone bib: the unique pocket will keep your baby’s clothes and their feeding area dry and clean during snack time and meals.

The bib’s large pocket isn’t its only claim to fame, though. This baby bib with a pocket also comes equipped with an innovative EZ-Wrap feature that allows you to fold the bib. This makes it a handy bib to pack when you’re on the go. Then, with the bib’s patented BIB-LOCK feature, you can store baby utensils in the bib’s protected built-in pocket after wrapping the bib up. The bib is compact enough to fit your suitcase, diaper bag, or hiking back. It’s why the bib’s tagline is “Health Matters, Wrapp It Up!”

This bib is proof that mealtimes can be clean. And with its limited lifetime warranty, you can be confident the bib will meet your child’s needs throughout their toddler years.

Additional Bib Details

Our bibs are available as single bibs or combo packs featuring two bibs. Each bib weighs around 4 ounces. However, when it’s being shipped, the product and box weigh 8 ounces. The box’s dimension is 10 x 8.5 x 1 inch in size.

The Best Silicone Bib is Comfortable and Colorful

The Ruby Wrapp Bib was made with your child’s comfort in mind. That’s because this light baby bib with a pocket is adjustable and includes an ergonomic, soft neckband. This makes it perfect for active, growing kids, as the bib will move with them. The soft neckband also works well for kiddos who have sensitive necks. At the same time, the Ruby Wrapp Bib is highly secure thanks to its snap-in buttons, which hold the bib in place.

In addition to being comfy, our Ruby Wrapp Bib is available in many colors to add liveliness to your child’s mealtimes. These colors include space blue, sage green, pastel yellow, gray, turquoise, and more. Choose a different color for each day of the week to keep things exciting and teach your little one their colors in the process!

red and tan Ruby Wrapp Bibs

The Best Silicone Bib is Eco-Friendly

Another reason to love the Ruby Wrapp Bib is the fact that it is eco-friendly. We create this baby bib with a pocket using top-quality food-grade materials. While the bib itself isn’t biodegradable, its durability helps with minimizing our customers’ dependence on and usage of plastic products.

Tips for Cleaning the Best Silicone Bib

You’ll also love how simple it is to clean the Ruby Wrapp Bib. The bib is bacteria resistant and dishwasher safe.

You can also wash it in the washing machine on the gentle cycle using mild detergent and warm water. Don’t use fabric softener or chlorine bleach. In addition, don’t place the bib in your dryer after you’ve washed it: It should be drip dried only. You should also keep the bib dry when your little one isn’t using it.

This bib can also be disinfected using boiling water, as it can withstand a temperature as high as 200 degrees Celsius.

Even after several cleanings, the bib will maintain its shape long term. 

Why the Best Silicone Bib Is Safe

Our Ruby Wrapp Bib is made using safe materials, which further gives our customers peace of mind. This safety-assured baby bib with a pocket doesn’t contain any harmful substances, like latex, lead, PVC, BPA, and phthalate. As a result, it complies with the United States’ CPSIA and FDA safety standards. The bib is also compliant with Europe’s safety standards. Our bib is proof that we prioritize your baby’s health and safety.

Shop the Best Silicone Bib and Other Innovative Products from Abiie

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We also offer our Huggs Baby Carrier with its patented hipbelt. This carrier features an ergonomic design with an M-seating position that prevents hip dysplasia in children. It will also provide all-day comfort for your back and waist. That’s because the carrier comes with a crisscross strap design rather than the traditional two-strap carrier design.

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Choose Abiie for Your Baby Products

Along with our high-quality, innovative products, we stand out for our excellent customer service at Abiie. For instance, we offer free shipping across the contiguous 48 US states (shipping to Hawaii and Alaska comes with a small fee). We also provide a convenient 30-day return policy.

Get in touch with us to find out more about our products, and take your child’s mealtime to the next level by shopping now!