Spring Baby Picture Ideas

picturesque family on a beach

Spring flowers and sunshine will soon drive Old Man Winter away, which means one thing for you and your little one: time for fun in the sun.

Springtime isn’t just good for picking sunflowers, smelling the roses, or painting on the patio, though: It’s an excellent time to capture memories for a lifetime by taking spring pictures with your little one. 

How can you capture your little one in a magical way when the birds start chirping, the bees start buzzing, and the baby blue eyes start blooming? Let’s explore the top spring photoshoot ideas for your baby girl or boy and how you can make your photo shoot a breeze from start to finish.

1. Don’t Go Away, Rainy Day

There’s no need to sing Rain Rain Go Away when the April showers come. Play in the rain instead — and capture the moment on camera. A rainy-day photo shoot is among the best spring baby picture ideas because you don’t have to wait for clear weather to execute it.

Dress your little one in a bright yellow raincoat and bright yellow rainboots, and let them splash their hands or feet in puddles if they’re younger, or encourage them to jump in puddles or catch raindrops with their tongue if they’re older. Then, snap those photos! Add more color to the scene by laying a yellow umbrella beside your baby, letting them hold it over their head, or instructing them to cover their face with the umbrella for a whimsical photo opportunity.

2. Balloon Bash

No list of the best spring baby picture ideas would be complete without a balloon-themed shoot. It’s one of the top spring baby boy or girl photoshoot ideas because even if your favorite spring flowers aren’t in bloom yet, you can still create colorful spring photos. Let your baby sit on the grass while holding a bouquet of balloons featuring bright contrasting colors, like red, blue, yellow, and green, or ask them to run while carrying the bouquet. You can even surround your sitting child with balloons or toss a balloon in the air and take a picture of your little one gazing up at it with a smile.

3. Not Just a Hat Rack

Parents seeking spring baby picture ideas should consider photographing their children wearing stylish spring hats. This is one of the leading spring baby boy or girl photoshoot ideas since the right hat can instantly make your child look even more adorable. Try a cute white beanie, crochet hat, sun hat, or trucker hat. Other popular hats include a bucket hat, flat cap, fedora, and wide-brim hat. Fedoras — the types of hats Frank Sinatra wore — are especially popular to use for young boys due to their sophisticated design, and flat caps are the perfect choice for achieving a vintage look, particularly if you pair the hat with suspenders and a bow tie.

4. Dog Days

The best spring baby picture ideas include adding Man’s Best Friend to your baby’s photo shoot to capture your two favorite little ones at one time. Doggies aren’t the only perfect pets to accompany your child at a photo shoot. Bring in baby animals often associated with spring and Easter, like chicks, lambs, ducklings, and bunnies.

5. Stand Up For Lemonade

Not everyone’s screaming for ice cream: Some want lemonade. Add a cute child to the mix and you’ve got one of the most perfect spring baby picture ideas. Let your child sit or stand behind a vintage or artsy lemonade stand built using wheels, plywood, and wooden crates, and don’t forget to add a price sign on the front for the photo opp. Set a basket of fresh lemons and limes on the ground in front of the stand to make your little one’s lemonade stand look even more charming for Instagram, Facebook, and wherever else your photo will be posted.

lemonade stand selling lemonade for 25 cents

6. Water Works

Take your baby to the beach or lake for your next spring baby picture ideas. A fun water photo shoot is one of the top spring photoshoot ideas for a baby girl or boy since little ones generally love water, which means making them smile and giggle should be a breeze. Let your child play in the water, surround them with shells, put goggles on them, or dress them in a swimsuit to create winning water-themed photos.

7. Butterflies in the Sky

One of the most innovative spring baby picture ideas is to take your baby to a butterfly garden. It’s one of the most popular spring baby boy and girl photoshoot ideas because the butterflies can easily entertain your child, leaving you more time and energy to focus on capturing their smiling faces as they stare at the butterflies in amazement. Dress your child in a butterfly shirt or onesie for a cohesive, well-put-together photo you and your family and friends will swoon over this coming spring.

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