The Best Newborn Baby Gift Ideas for Parents

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Newborns need so many tiny things, and knowing what to buy can be very stressful for first-time parents. Thankfully, that’s where you come in. This holiday season, these Christmas gifts for expecting parents are sure to make parenting a little bit easier and more convenient every day.

Check out Abiie’s ideas for presents for expecting parents.

1. Top Christmas Gifts for Expecting Parents Include the Beyond Junior Y High Chair

This famous high chair is well loved for its support and stability, easiness to clean, and size adjustment that lasts all the way from 6 months old to adulthood. Once you try the Beyond Junior Y, you’ll never want to go back to another high chair. 

Everything from the cushions to the dishwasher-safe tray to the sterilized wood has been designed with comfort and convenience in mind. We promise that parents will appreciate this gift for many years to come!

2. Natural Fiber Baby Bed Linens

Choosing bed linens and baby blankets can be a bigger challenge than it seems, and it’s a purchase often neglected during the baby shower. Babies need to be swaddled snugly while still allowing airflow and breathability, and natural fibers are perfect for that. 

Blankets and linens made with high-quality organic natural fibers make awesome presents for expecting parents. We recommend organic cotton, wool, bamboo, or linen that hasn’t been coated with harsh chemicals.

3. The Huggs Baby Carrier

The Huggs is a baby carrier like no other. The patented HIPBELT keeps both the wearer and the baby comfortable all day, and it is designed for excellent ergonomics in four carry positions. You can keep your baby close while enjoying balanced weight distribution and help them rest with a sleeping hood. It is easy to take the carrier on and off even while the baby is sleeping.

This is always one of our top recommendations for Christmas gifts for expecting parents. This baby carrier is also a great idea for grandparents who want to take their little grandchild around town without putting too much strain on their backs and hips!

4. Eco-Friendly Diapers

Disposable diapers are awfully convenient, but they’re notoriously hard on the environment. Most plastic diapers go straight to a landfill.

Unfortunately, busy parents don’t often have the energy to sacrifice convenience for the sake of natural diapers. A good Christmas gift for expecting parents that can let them try out a more eco-friendly approach is reusable or recycled baby diapers. 

baby sleeping in diaper in black and white

5. Octopod Dishware

No list of the best Christmas gifts for expecting parents would be complete without this unique dishware. Silicone frog-shaped suction dishes are designed to attach to high chairs and other flat surfaces, which means no more plate frisbees! 

Bamboo suction dishes, ranging from plates to bowls, also offer the benefit of being secure. They are also safe due to being BPA, PVC, and plastic free, as well as shatter resistant. Bamboo dishes are additionally perfect for the eco-friendly family, as bamboo is highly sustainable compared with plastic ones.

Both bamboo dishes and silicone dishes are lightweight and easy to clean as well. They’re the perfect presents for expecting parents, as they’ll make mealtime easier and more enjoyable for both little ones and their parents.

6. The Ruby Wrapp Bib

The easiest, most portable bib on the market ends our list of top Christmas gifts for expecting parents! This carefully designed bib is dishwasher safe, waterproof, adjustable, and ergonomic, and it even has a patented lock for compact storage for utensils and more. You won’t want to use another bib again. 

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