The Best Outdoor Activities for Infants and Toddlers

baby girl sitting outside

When was the last time you went outside with your tiny tot? Finding spring activities for families isn’t too challenging, and there’s absolutely no excuse not to go outside and enjoy the lovely weather. Going outdoors is great for babies and toddlers in many ways; it allows them to experience fresh air and natural light and explore different textures and sounds. 

If you’re looking for outdoor activities for infants and toddlers, look no further! Plan these activities with your baby or toddler because it’s guaranteed to be fun and unforgettable!

Going On Nature Walks

One of the best outdoor activities for infants and toddlers is to take nature walks. Keep your baby safe, secure, and able to see outside with a trusty baby carrier. All while you remain hands-free! 

Did you know that using a baby carrier is actually super helpful to both you and your child? It supports healthy hip development and provides ergonomic comfort, so the walk can definitely last a while. It’s the perfect way to introduce your young one to the outdoors, and you can tell them about the different plants, sounds, and even animals you may encounter. It can stimulate their senses, and it’s going to be incredibly fun for them, too!

Hosting Park Picnics

Going outside is all about enjoying the weather. And if the weather permits, why not get the others along, too? Hosting a picnic in a park can be a great way to encourage physical activity and social interaction for your child. Since parks have grassy areas, they are perfect for babies to have tummy time or play with their toys. 

Toddlers, on the other hand, will have their fill of swings and slides at the park. And don’t forget to pack snacks for when they get hungry! Get silicone baby dishware that stays put while your child enjoys their snack and while you enjoy being outside with them. 

Doing Gardening

When you’re looking for outdoor activities for infants and toddlers, think about your home outside. While babies and toddlers technically can’t be very productive with gardening, it doesn’t mean it won’t be something new, exciting, and enjoyable for them. If you have a garden, it can be a great area to allow your child to explore. They can touch different plants, dig the dirt, plant seeds, or even just watch insects.

There are special gardening tools for children that can be used while they’re gardening. It can also be educational, as they will learn more about plants and what it takes to grow them. And if you’re lucky enough to have some fresh produce, why not harvest it with them?

Make Outdoors Fun with Abiie®

There are many outdoor activities for infants and toddlers that can keep them entertained throughout the day, whether it’s going to the zoo, visiting the beach, outdoor music and dance, water play or even animal encounters. 

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