Bamboo Baby Suction Bowl + Spoon
Bamboo Baby Suction Bowl + Spoon
Bamboo Baby Suction Bowl + Spoon
Bamboo Baby Suction Bowl + Spoon
Bamboo Baby Suction Bowl + Spoon

Bamboo Baby Suction Bowl + Spoon

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Meet Octopod® Bamboo

Who says mealtime can’t feel like an adventure for your little one? Abiie® bamboo kids plates are making mealtime fun and easy while helping your family lower its carbon footprint. Our ergonomic bamboo baby plates have three compartments for the meals, snacks, and treats your child loves. Avoid wasting paper or piling up plastic. Hop on the bamboo bandwagon with these fun kids' plates today!

Octopod® Bamboo FAQ

The Octopod® Bamboo Dish is strategically designed with your little ones in mind. We understand that mealtime can feel like a chore some nights, but the Octopod® Bamboo Dish aims to cure this by making meals more interesting, fun, and safe. Your child will be excited to eat their meal, and clean-up will be a breeze!

How can Octopod® Bamboo help picky kids or messy eaters?

The combination of the Octopod® bowl and 3-compartment dish allows you to add a variety of perfectly portioned food items without them mixing, which picky eaters will appreciate. Our bamboo kids dishes include suction cups, which stay in place for even the most animated eaters.

How can your kids' plates help my baby be more independent?

Our ergonomic bowl encourages baby-led weaning and toddler self-feeding by keeping food in place and manageable for little hands

What is the ideal age range for Octopod® baby dishes?

These bamboo baby and kids plates are suitable and safe for children at least 4 months of age and well into toddlerhood. Our bamboo plates are free from BPA, plastic, and PVC. No plastic plates means no risk of plastic getting into your child’s food, which reduces their risk of related health issues dramatically.

Have a question you don’t see answered here? Contact Abiie®. We’re happy to help!


  • Suction keeps Octopod® Bamboo attached to high chair trays and other flat surfaces. No more plate frisbees!
  • Easy to clean
Bamboo suction plate(s)
  • Bamboo plates are 100% non-toxic
  • Plastic, PVC, and BPA-free
  • Lightweight Shatter-Resistant
  • Our Octopod® bamboo kids’ plates follow all standard safety regulations, ensuring you are not buying from an unverified third party!
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
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