5 Ideas for What to Put on Your Baby Registry List

family with baby high chair

Creating the perfect baby registry list can be time-consuming and stressful. You want to make sure that you're adding safe and practical items you can use when your baby arrives. You also want to avoid adding things to your list that are unnecessary or even dangerous. Here are five items you'll want to put at the top of your baby registry list so you are fully prepared for when your baby arrives.


 Although diapers aren't nearly as fun to receive as other gifts, they are some of the most essential items you will need once your baby is born. On average, a baby goes through nearly adozen diapers per day. There will be times when your baby soils their diaper right after they've been changed. Diapers are expensive, and the cost adds up. You should consider adding diapers in a variety of sizes to your registry list. This way, you're prepared to move up a size as your child grows, and you aren't left with packages of newborn diapers you can no longer use.

Car Seat and Stroller Travel System

Travel systems are some of the most convenient pieces of baby gear available. While you can buy each item separately, a travel system makes it easy to transition your child from your vehicle to their stroller with ease. Travel systems have an interlocking mechanism, so all you have to do is push a button to lock the car seat into place or to release it. Another benefit of a travel system is that you won't have to wake your sleeping baby in order to move them in and out of their car seat. If your family is constantly on the go, then a travel system is the perfect item to add to your baby registry.


Many parents prefer to have their newborns sleep in the same room with them for the first few weeks. Doing this makes it easier to tend to their needs in the middle of the night. If you are thinking about having your baby share your room with you, consider adding a bassinet to your registry. Bassinets are much smaller than traditional cribs and can conveniently fit in the corner of your room. There are a wide variety of bassinets available on the market. Some of them come with additional features, including sound machines, mobiles, and a soothing projectable. While bassinets are typically much lighter than a traditional crib, some are built specifically for travel and weigh no more than a few pounds. It's important to do your research and find the right bassinet to fit your family's needs.

High Chair

Your newborn bundle of joy will grow up quicker than you think. This means you'll need the perfect high chair that will grow with them. Although traditional high chairs usually have a set frame that doesn't allow for adjustments, there are new innovative high chairs on the market like Abiie® Beyond Junior® that are adjustable based on your baby's height. These types of high chairs are not only easy to clean but are also comfortable for your child to use.

Baby Carrier

Newborns need plenty of time to adjust to the world around them. After being in the womb for nine months, they find comfort in staying close to their mom throughout the day. While holding your newborn deepens your bond and love for each other, you may find that you have difficulty accomplishing your daily tasks. A baby carrier makes it easy for you to keep your baby safely near you while you're able to get things done. It's also great to use with babies who are colicky or restless and need soothing. When adding a baby carrier to your registry, make sure you are choosing one that features thick, crisscrossed straps that allow for even weight distribution. If you're planning to nurse your baby, you might also want to find a baby carrier that features a sleeping hood to increase privacy and comfort.


When you're creating your baby registry list, it's important to choose practical items. Once your baby arrives, you'll have a better idea of what additional items you might need. By carefully creating your list, you'll increase your chances of using everything you receive without worrying about getting items you'll never use.