Abiie BabyDeck® G2G Stroller
Now, parents have the convenience to change their baby anywhere they roam! The new Abiie Good-To-Go (G2G) BabyDeck® ™ Stroller integrates the features of a diaper changing table with a standard, easy-to-use baby stroller design, providing a sanitary place to change their baby's diaper directly from the seat of their stroller.




Why parents love BabyDeck Stroller?

No more searching for appropriate places to change baby’s diaper.
No more carrying changing pads and placing dirty changing pads inside bags with baby’s other items.
No longer experiencing unpleasant emotions related to changing a diaper in a public restroom meant for the opposite sex of baby’s.
No more changing baby’s diaper in unsanitary locations such as public floors, benches, restaurant chairs or tables, or car seats.
Minimal disruption to baby’s excitement and enjoyment while visiting new places.

... plus a lot more features.

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