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In our moms’ blog, we know our stuff when it comes to taking care of your little one! Abiie® is dedicated to designing innovative, high-quality products that do just that.

It all started with our Beyond Junior® Wooden High Chair, the unique, easy-clean, adjustable beech seat that grows with the child through to adulthood. After the astounding success of our chair, we’ve gone on to create two more bestsellers: the Huggs® Baby Carrier and the Ruby Wrapp® Silicone Baby Bib. And we’re only just getting started — we’re always adding innovative baby equipment to our collection!

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1. What do parenting blogs say is a top must-have product for a toddler?

Blogs for moms agree that spill-proof dishes rank high among the products that every parent of a toddler should have. That’s why we introduced the Abiie® Octopod® baby dishes. These dishes, made from silicone or bamboo, feature suction cups that keep them attached to your child’s high chair tray. That means you no longer have to worry about your child turning their plate into a frisbee at dinnertime. These plates will remain in place even for a super-animated eater.

2. What should you look for in a baby carrier?

The right baby carrier will exude versatility and make the baby-carrying process a breeze. For instance, our Huggs® Baby Carrier is designed to wrap around the wearer’s waist and sit above the hips, much like your favorite fanny pack does. It includes a hip seat that will allow your child to sit with their knees higher than their buttocks. This can help prevent a condition known as hip dysplasia. Also, be sure that your carrier has several carrying position options — it helps reduce continual strain on specific parts of the body!

3. Do moms’ blogs recommend getting high chairs that recline?

Most family lifestyle blogs say it’s not necessary to purchase high chairs with recliners. Although reclining might be alright when your child is bottle feeding, it isn’t safe for a child who is eating solids. Instead, look for a high chair that can easily be assembled and features easy cleaning.